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Bestselling author Kim Dean on how a real estate flyer changed her life

In real estate she found a way to spend time with her kids while building the foundation of a successful business that has allowed her to live a life she loves.

It all comes down to your mindset, your hustle, and your priorities. If you have a drive, then anyone can be successful.”
— Kim Dean
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 16, 2022 / -- Kim Dean’s career in real estate started with a flyer. All her prior plans—going to college to become a vet, changing her major to agribusiness and speech communication, launching a career in the pharmaceutical industry—had never felt quite right. And when she and her husband and baby son found themselves living close to the Pentagon on 9/11, she put a new priority on family. “I knew that I wanted to be a very active part of my children’s lives, and I knew even in the first few weeks after my son was born that I was not one of the moms who was content to just be at home,” she says. “I had to have a creative outlet. And there was a Century 21 flyer up in our building that said, “‘Hey, come tonight and learn the ins and outs of being in real estate.’” She went, and hasn’t looked back since.

She joined a team in order to quickly learn from more experienced agents. Years later, she struck out on her own. She grew her independent brokerage to over 60 agents with an investor partner before moving the entire brokerage to eXp Realty in the fall of 2021. Along the way, she has learned a few lessons and coped with some challenges. “Being a broker at the age of 30, I got a lot of looks from some agents who thought I was too young,” she says. “I had to overcome a lot of mindset things where I was asking myself, ‘Well, can I do this? I haven’t been the number-one agent in Dallas. Why do I think I should open my own brokerage? Why do I think I have any leg to stand on here?’”

Ultimately, she says, all of her decisions came back to doing the right thing for her family. She advises women to remind themselves that their definition of success does not need to look like the definition of the woman next to them. “As long as I was doing it with integrity and the way that I love doing it and I provided for my family, that’s all that matters,” Kim says. “That’s still kind of our Simply Texas Real Estate manifesto, so to speak.”

For women, real estate can be a lucrative and flexible career. In Kim’s view, success comes down to three things: your mindset, your hustle, and your priorities. “I can teach you to do a contract, but if you don’t have the drive to get out of bed every day and put a schedule together and have your priorities in check, then I don’t know what to tell you,” she says. “But if you do have those things, if you have the drive, then anyone can be successful. Even with kids, because kids have a certain ebb and flow to their schedule. So it might mean for a couple of years, you wake up early before they’re up and you knock out some work. And then when they’re napping, you get a little bit more done, or maybe you’re a night owl and you stay up and you do a little bit more, but you can do it. And you’re going to make significantly more than you would if you were just being paid for a corporate job.”

Connect with Kim at her website: or on Instagram @SimplyKimDean. She is also on Facebook, with her eXp group, which is Simply Texas Real Estate Group. Kim shares more of her story—including why she believes women are ideally positioned for selling homes—in the compelling new book Women Who Boss Up in Real Estate, a collection of interviews with brokers, agents, and owners who are breaking the mold in real estate and ready to inspire the next generation of women to find success in this fast-paced but flexible and highly lucrative industry.

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