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Leading the Change for Women in Tech, with Juanita Coley

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Ending another podcast season with a bang! Joined by the Contact Center Whisperer, Juanita Coley, this is episode 10 from Season 4 of First Contact Podcast.

Technology is the future, and if women aren't in tech, where are they in the future?”
— Juanita Coley
CHEYENNE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2022 / -- 'Let's redefine what employee experience looks like and, and starting to have that more consultative approach and education approach because we're trying to solve the same thing.' Juanita Coley

Another year, another terrific season under our belts! What better way to end the 4th season of First Contact Podcast than having next to us one of the most prolific women speakers in the industry, the Contact Center Whisperer and expert - Juanita Coley! An episode grounded in knowledge and inspiration, the discussion between Juanita and Christian revolved around the power of workforce management, the gap in technology, her mission to normalize women in tech and leadership roles and make a positive, purposeful impact, the jargon in IT and much more!

Juanita just released her second book and her first documentary: The road to the Crown and it was a joy to hear the story of how did it come to life and draw some inspiration from her fascinating story, from a call center agent to a mother of three and CEO.

Juanita is the CEO and founder of Solid Rock Consulting, a WFM consulting firm. When she’s not busy winning the 2022 “Most Influential Technology Advisors”, she’s constantly on a mission to normalize women in tech and leadership roles and make a positive, purposeful impact. She is also the host of the Call Center Chronicles and she just released a new documentary: The Road to the Crown - a must-see!

In episode 10, Juanita and Christian touch on different topics:
The gap between the real world and IT Solutions
Workforce management might look different for different organization
Less paralysis by analysis, more action
The use of jargon within the IT industry
Juanita's mission to normalize women in tech
Companies that foster a healthy future tech environment
Listen in and learn more about Solid Rock consulting and the proper use of workforce management, Juanita's leadership advice and much more!

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Being more an extension of its clients' services rather than a direct vendor, the company combines multiple carrier systems into a single unified network with worldwide backups. NobelBiz also offers advanced Omnichannel software solutions that handle text (email, webchat, SMS), social media, and voice in a single, easy-to-use interface.

The NobelBiz webinar series aims to deliver monthly information-rich episodes that can teach you how to improve your Contact Center business.

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Juanita talks about the gap between what she says is the real world and what the solutions tech stacks offer in the marketplace.