Design I Coop announced the pre-launch of the design online market 'Don’t Worry Design’

The Official Logo of Don’t Worry Design[Source: Design I Coop

Design I Coop announced the pre-launch of the design online market 'Don’t Worry Design’

EUNPYEONG-GU, SEOUL, KOREA, November 8, 2022 / -- Design I Coop(Chairman: Ju-young Kang) announced today(8th) that it will launch an online design market ‘Don’t Worry Design

'Don't Worry Design' is a design content market for domestic and foreign users who feel uncomfortable with design services and production. It is an interior-related subscription service for general consumers, and design of space and design promotional materials, production, construction, and supervision of space for global and Korean companies in Southeast Asia.

‘Don’t Worry Design’ has been developed with ‘Pocket Company’, a start-up company builder, from the spring of this year and is undergoing a closed beta test.

‘Don’t Worry Design’ service will be provided in Korea and Southeast Asia. It is expected that domestic customers who are interested in DIY interior and overseas customers who prefer high-quality Korean design will show interest.

Kyu-jin Jung, CEO of Pocket Company, said, “Don’t Worry Design’s design content, which is about to be launched by Design I Coop, will be evaluated as a high growth potential business when IT transitions. We are looking forward to seeing a design company providing a global business by transforming into a digital design company.”

An official from Design I Coop said “It is rare in Korea to provide spatial design content as a subscription service,” “We plan to provide differentiated services so that we can achieve good results not only in Korea, but also in the Southeast Asian market with great potential.”

Design I Coop is a design-specialized company established in July 2013. 6 companies are in the cooperation: STUDIO CISO, MODAM I&C, Dain Architecture in the field of Space Design, VANKOART, KPLAN&GONGKAM of Visual Design, and S&U Company of Event Planning.

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