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A Vengeful Thrill

Night of The Phantom

Carlos Manuel Reynosa discusses his thoughts on vengeance in his book “Night of the Phantom”.

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 29, 2022 / -- Childhood games are life lessons that teach one to stand up and do better the next time around. The feeling of defeat can either break or make a person and that individual calls the shots. The perception of pain gradually evolves and serves as life’s many obstacles.

"Night of the Phantom" follows the story of Nick Solitario who is raised by a single mother. He lives a seemingly sad life where even his own home does not feel like a place of refuge for him, and school is not something he looks forward to on a daily basis. One day, a tragic event occurred as he witnessed his mother's murder. A vengeful story in which he becomes the Phantom and hunts down those responsible for the murder.

But the question is, will the price of revenge be worth it?

While this story becomes more interesting with each page turned, readers will feel a thrill up their spine and want to finish the story as soon as possible.

Carlos Manuel Reynosa, a Kean University graduate, is the youngest and only boy among his three sisters. He began with poetry and progressed to essays, fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming the author he is today. His interest in writing graphic novels stems from his parents to inspire more readers and create more stories to come.

The book Night of the Phantom is available in Source of Knowledge Bookstore in Newark NJ, United States. His book is also up for grabs on Amazon.

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