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Electric Skateboard on Black Friday Sales - Best Christmas Gifts for Teenagers

possway v4 pro electric skateboard black friday sale

Black Friday Sale of Possway V4 Pro

teenagers riding electric skateboard possway v4 pro

Having fun with electric skateboard

Possway V4 Pro Spec

Possway V4 Pro Spec

The Black Friday Sale is coming! When considering electric skateboards as Christmas gifts for teenagers, the Possway V4 Pro is the best option.

CALIFORNIA, THE UNITED STATES, October 31, 2022 / -- The Black Friday Sale is coming! With Christmas approaching, now is the ideal time to choose Christmas gifts for loved ones. Looking for something for teenagers? Finding Christmas gifts for teenagers can be tricky, as the trend is constantly changing, and sometimes it is not easy to find something that is cool enough for them. No one wants the awkward moment when their loved ones pretend to love their gifts while everyone knows very clearly that they don't.

If the teens are into outdoor activities, especially if they enjoy skating (regular street skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing and so on), or they need to be motivated to get outside, electric skateboards will make a good gift. Electric skateboards are still a new phenomenon that appears along with the development of technology. It looks cool on the street and is fun and exciting. Unlike regular skateboards, electric skateboards are very simple to master for beginners. Even if the teens are not outdoor enthusiasts, electric skateboards can still be a good gift and may encourage them to do more activities.

The Possway V4 Pro is the best option when considering an electric skateboard for teenagers. It's an entry-level electric longboard of excellent quality while maintaining an extremely affordable price. During the Black Friday Sale, the Possway V4 Pro is only $329.00 USD, which is 18% off its original price!

So, what are the benefits of gifting an electric skateboard to a teen?

Benefits of Electric Skateboards:
1) Good for Commute
The most popular use for electric skateboards is for daily commutes. It's convenient and time-saving, makes commuting more fun and exciting, and also looks cooler than other electric vehicles, such as electric scooters. Instead of cramping on the bus or struggling to find the parking lot, electric skateboards let teenagers move freely on the road without stress and anxiety. It allows teens to avoid traffic, which helps them relax and strengthen their mental health in the long term. Using electric skateboards to commute is also beneficial to the environment. They are far more environmentally friendly than cars since they are powered solely by electricity.

2) Getting Fit
Riding an electric skateboard can help teenagers become healthier and get in shape. As electric vehicles are not propelled by mechanical force, it may appear that people are not actually working out when using them. On the contrary, riding an electric skateboard is good excise. It can help people practice their balancing skills and flexibility and even burn calories. Standing on a skateboard for an hour will often result in 100 calorie loss since maintaining balance will keep the rider's body active.

3) Having Fun
Skateboarding is a fun sport. Certainly, people do not want their loved ones to get hurt, but many teenagers just love risky activities. Riding an electric skateboard can bring enough joy and excitement to teenagers without putting them in a very precarious situation. It's a good way to encourage teens to exercise more and do more outdoor activities rather than staying at home playing phone or video games.

Why Possway V4 Pro?
The Possway V4 Pro is very sturdily built with a composite of bamboo and maple wood, providing a solid base for riders to stand. It's durable and portable and weighs only 12.5lb / 5.7kg, which is much lighter than the 19lb / 8.6kg of most electric skateboards, making it easy to carry around. It has great value for money! Being just over $300 during the Black Friday Sale, it is powered by 2*400W dual hub motors and can reach a top speed of 23mph / 37kmh, which is faster enough to be exciting but not too fast to be too dangerous. The powerful motors also make it easier to cross some rocky areas and can climb slopes up to 20% of hill grade.

It has 4 speed modes that are suitable for beginners to pros and a braking system that can let the skateboard brake gently even at full acceleration, providing a smooth and safe ride for teenagers. With an intelligent automatic switch, it's very intuitive to ride the Possway V4 Pro. Riders can push the skateboard back and forth to turn it on. For electric skateboards that have bigger wheels and are suitable for more terrains, check the Possway T3, which is also on sale during the Black Friday Sale for $469.00 USD.

All in all, the Possway V4 Pro is a perfect Christmas gift for teenagers! It only costs $329.00 USD during the Black Friday Sale, which saves $120.00 USD!

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