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‘Plodding Through The Presidents’ podcast’s newest season focuses on epic founding rivalries

Cover art for Plodding Through The Presidents podcast with an action figure of George Washington sitting on a couch and eating popcorn

Plodding Through the Presidents, an award-nominated history podcast hosted by Howard and Jess Dorre, premiered its fourth season on October 25th.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2022 / -- Plodding Through the Presidents, an award-nominated independent history podcast hosted by history blogger Howard Dorre and Jessica Dorre, premiered its fourth season on October 25th with the episode "Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the Murder of Elma Sands."

The new season focuses on epic personal rivalries from the early days of the United States—the origins of the deadly beef between Hamilton and Burr, the real reasons John Adams despised Ben Franklin, the messy breakup of founding friends George Washington and James Madison, the tense relationship between first lady Louisa Adams and her mother-in-law Abigail Adams, and the violent never-ending battle between Andrew Jackson and...everyone. The irreverent history podcast's fourth season also features lively historian interviews and a healthy dose of mystery, murder, and creepy toy possums.

Host Howard admits the podcast’s name, Plodding Through The Presidents, might not accurately represent the podcast. “Maybe going with a word that literally means ‘slow and boring’ wasn’t the best choice, since we try to be anything but.” The name comes from the blog he started in 2013 as part of a project to read a biography of every US president in order. It didn’t go as planned. “I fell in love with the founding era—the wild personalities and the dynamic relationships, and the wealth of primary sources on some of these folks and their families. So that’s where I decided to dig in, diving into lesser-known stories from this era.”

When he decided to jump from blogging to podcasting, adding Jessica as a cohost was a no-brainer. “She’s always been my editor-in-chief and she brings out the best of me and these stories," Howard said. Because Jessica doesn’t know the stories ahead of time, her reactions are raw and relatable. That’s one reason, Howard says, “we get so many comments that people want to be Jess’s best friend.”

The result is a podcast that resonates with a wide range of history fans, from seasoned historians to people who used to say history was boring all responding to the unique mix of deeply researched narrative dives and relatable humor and personality.

The first three seasons of Plodding Through The Presidents are available in full now everywhere and at The fourth season promises to be the biggest season yet, with 18 weekly episodes premiering on October 25th.

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