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The first tool that locates available meeting times across any Outlook account

Clipse: The future of collaborative, connected work

Avoid unnecessary rescheduling; never ask, “when can you meet?” again. The future of collaborative, connected work is here. Welcome to Clipse.

I saw how wasteful it was to have thousands of people gathering meeting times and comparing them by hand. Imagine paying someone $300,000 a year to have them spend hours each week scheduling!”
— Eric Hofer

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, October 26, 2022 / -- Created by Eric Hofer, Clipse is a simple yet revolutionary plugin for Outlook that allows you to instantly schedule a meeting without wasting time hunting for available time slots across multiple attendee calendars. This straightforward productivity add-on was created as many tools are: out of a daily struggle that finally prompted solution-driven action.

Eric says, “A daily frustration for me at Goldman Sachs was trying to schedule a meeting between people on my team and our external colleagues at other firms. These were trusted partners building products alongside us… and we required almost daily catch-ups. But as soon as our email threads turned into a request to talk live, progress came to a screeching halt. I knew I would spend the next 10 to 30 minutes polling the group about when everyone could hop on a call. Worse yet was finally scheduling the call and someone having a last-minute conflict and not being able to attend, which caused the scheduling nightmare to start all over again.”

No matter what industry you work in, meetings are an inevitable part of your workday collaborations. Currently, the only scheduling solutions are: connecting individually with each meeting attendee to determine their availability, using software products that display a single user’s availability, or utilizing an automated polling system that still requires manual effort from all attendees and the organizer to review the results and set up the meeting within the calendar system.

Eric created Clipse, “Because I saw how wasteful it was to have thousands of people within a company be relegated to pollsters gathering available times via email and comparing them all by hand. An incredible amount of these folks are extremely high-paid as well. Imagine paying someone $300,000 a year to have them spend several hours a week on this activity! It seemed crazy to me. So I decided to create a solution. Data shows it currently saves users an average of $15 per meeting, which is mind blowing!”

Clipse eliminates manual cross-calendar time slot comparisons by giving everyone complete visibility into pockets of shared free time across any number of users and their calendars - both inside and outside of any given organization. Currently, this plugin is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, but plugins for other calendars are in development.

Clipse seamlessly connects to your existing Outlook account. It does not require any download other than an add-in installation by the MS Office administrator. Additionally, it does not require individual usernames and passwords.

The heartbeat behind Clipse is connection and productivity. As people start to use Clipse, they report incredible cost and time savings right away, but more importantly, they feel more connected to their external colleagues and better equipped to work efficiently across teams and companies.

Eric Hofer
Clipse, Inc.
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