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SongStarz Launches New Record Label to Release 'Freak On' by F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band

F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band - Freak On Single Cover

F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band - Freak On Single Cover

SongStarz Beginnings Books

SongStarz Beginnings Books

SongStarz Logo

SongStarz Logo

SongStarz, Created by F.J.Lily, Launches New Record Label to Release 'Freak On' by F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band.

"Hey! Oh won't you try, be who you want to be. Don't walk on by from the life you were meant to lead...'”
— 'The Cutie Catz' - Freak On - SongStarz Beginnings by F.J.Lily
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 26, 2022 / -- With SongStarz already known to thousands of young people and adults who have been involved in productions of the SongStarz musical, and are fans of the SongStarz series of books, SongStarz has launched its own record label to bring the songs to life.

‘Freak On’ is the debut single by F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band. It is the companion song to the SongStarz Beginnings book, and a ‘Cutie Catz’ a.k.a Issy, Lola and Cass song.

'Freak On' is the first release on the SongStarz label which is set to release circa 100 songs over the next few years as part of the 'SongStarz World.'

'Freak On' is available now on all major music and streaming channels. With its synthy retro sound, pumping bass and floating vocals, the song's positive lyrics and vibe encourages everyone to be themselves and ‘get their freak on baby!’

The SongStarz Series:

The SongStarz series tracks Issy, Lola and Cass, a.k.a, also known as, the Cutie Catz' adventures in SongStarz, the television competition where contestants write and perform their own songs, and where things are not quite as they seem.

Sharing the ups and downs of teenage friendship circles, with a host of quirky characters and a building sense of intrigue, SongStarz is a contemporary series with a retro feel. The series not only keeps its upper Middle Grade/Teen/YA readers enthralled but totally ‘gets’ the interests and essence of today’s teenagers.

Relatable, fun, and fast-paced, the SongStarz series is supported by companion books, songs, music and related media. It has the potential of becoming a defining series for this star-struck, social and socially aware, tech savvy generation.

SongStarz Synopsis:

All Lola wants is to be a STAR! All Issy wants is to be left alone, thank you very much. All Cass wants is to play her drums, read 'Live Your Best Life', and for everyone to get along, if it isn't too much trouble.

This doesn't seem at all likely when Lola secretly decides to do something which, at best, can only be described as... unexpected - entering them into SongStarz, the television show where contestants write and perform their own songs. Given the trio aren't allowed off the high security Military Base they live on EVER, Lola's actions are surely heading them down a path that feels, to Issy, rather like an out of control juggernaut with no brakes.

Issy is in no doubt that Magda Deveraux, their mysterious, fierce and uncompromising Guardian will turn them into SPAM! when she finds out.

There's bickering, unusual food, spying, computer hacking, and of course songwriting and a look behind the scenes at the weird and whacky world of television. There's also something Issy can't quite put her finger on that's making her neck prickle, but apart from that, even if Issy, Lola, and Cass can break out of the Military Base, will Issy be able to do what Lola wants?

Published by Corimis, SongStarz Beginnings (ISBN 1912318016) is available in paperback (£8.99) and on Kindle format on Amazon.

SongStarz Beginnings is also available as an audiobook on Audible.

SongStarz MYRIAD, the second book in the SongStarz series is available to pre-order in Kindle format.
(£0.99 until 1st November 2022) on Amazon.

SongStarz - The Musical has been available internationally since 2016.

SongStarz Beginnings - The Musical is due for release 2022.

Fundraising opportunities:

F.J.Lily and publishers, Corimis, offer fundraising opportunities through engagement with SongStarz for schools and organisations. See for details.

About the creator of SongStarz:

F.J.Lily, a.k.a Fiona Lily (,, began creating SongStarz in 2009.

After studying song writing, F.J.Lily created a virtual girl group to write songs for (The Cutie Catz - a.k.a Issy, Lola, and Cass) and then other virtual acts with different styles and genres, before developing the concept of SongStarz and writing the books incorporating the songs, centering on the SongStarz television show. She studied creative writing and adapted the SongStarz books into a musical for schools - first performed in 2016.

Alongside creating SongStarz, F.J.Lily has worked with businesses and the NHS for many years. She lives in the U.K, and, when she’s not working, writing and songwriting she hacks at the brambles in her garden.

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Freak On - F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band