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Orange County Solar Installers At REPOWER OC Help Customers Generate Power With Different Solar Panels

Large solar panels in Orange County, California

Orange County solar installers help businesses generate power through various solar panels

Notable Orange County solar panel installers at REPOWER OC educate curious readers as to the different types of solar panels, their benefits, and drawbacks

REPOWER OC is dedicated to helping users save money on utility bills and promoting a sustainable future. There’s never been a better time to opt for solar energy for your home or business.”
— Eddie McLaughlin
ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2022 / -- Solar panel installer Eddie McLaughlin and his company, REPOWER OC, provide Orange County residents with a cleaner, more sustainable energy source: the sun.

REPOWER OC’s mission, after all, is to “ customers enjoy the rewards of affordable, clean, and attractive solar power from a local provider [Orange County residents] can trust,” states REPOWER OC’s owner, Eddie McLaughlin.

Learning About Solar Panels With REPOWER OC

“Solar panels are pieces of technology that convert sunlight into electricity,” explains Eddie McLaughlin. “Using solar panels as a chief source of electricity promotes a more sustainable way to consume energy. It also saves businesses untold amounts of money in utilities over a solar system’s lifetime.”

And indeed, using solar power, especially in states like California, where REPOWER OC calls home, is a rising trend that saves homeowners and businesses money. Installation of solar panels has also been shown to positively affect property value, too.

According to Project Sunroof, which calculates energy savings over the course of several years, utility bills can decrease significantly. In REPOWER OC’s neighborhood alone, average costs (with the 2.2% yearly increase) could save solar customers over $12,000.

Additionally, a monthly bill of around $112 will decrease to just under $20. For many California residents, that differential could serve as the sole reason to switch to sustainable, green energy.

Different Types Of Solar Panels

Not all solar panels are the same, which may help or hinder a decision regarding commercial solar panel installation. However, thanks to the experts at REPOWER OC, those unfamiliar with solar power have a place to start.

For example, two main types, polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels, vary in their manufacturing costs. This difference may make the decision for anyone curious about solar installation.

“Polycrystalline solar panels aren’t as efficient as monocrystalline panels. That means [there needs to be] a greater amount of coverage. Where their efficiency lacks compared to its alternatives, it’s low cost,” explains McLaughlin.

The two types of solar panels use different amounts of solar cells. And, of course, a decision may come down to simple aesthetic preference. “Finally, appearance-wise, polycrystalline panels are blue, whereas monocrystalline solar panels are black,” explains McLaughlin.

Likewise, there are solar shingles, which may turn out to be one of the more attractive options. Aptly named, solar shingles are shingles that can lay atop or sometimes replace roof shingles.

“Solar shingles can last 25 to 30 years, about as long as a standard, more expensive solar panel system. Plus, solar shingles allow customers to add as many shingles as needed. Want only a few to convert sunlight into electricity? Business owners can start small and see how much they save on energy costs.”

Which Is The Best Type Of Solar Panel?

After exploring the different solar panels on the market, which is best for California homeowners and businesses? According to REPOWER OC, ‘best,’ in this case, is heavily dependent on use, placement, and more. Some companies will undoubtedly benefit from higher-end monocrystalline panels.

However, those on a budget may opt for cheaper alternatives. In short, it depends on factors like budget, placement, sun exposure, and more.

“While there is no definitive answer, as all commercial business solar systems can differ…when observing sheer efficiency, monocrystalline solar panels are a fantastic option. Polycrystalline solar panels are less efficient but cheaper than monocrystalline solar panels,” explains McLaughlin.

“However, solar shingles can be a great introduction to lower utility costs and a cleaner environment [for business owners] on a budget.”

Indeed, solar shingles serve as an important and accessible way to ‘experiment’ with solar panels and solar panel installation in Orange County.

“Likewise, thin-film solar can be a cheap alternative to more costly solar panel installations,” adds McLaughlin.

Saving With Solar: EV Chargers

Further expounding on solar savings, REPOWER OC also offers comprehensive electric vehicle charger installations at commercial businesses.

Thanks to Southern California Edison (SCE), the infrastructure costs for businesses are taken care of. All that business owners need to do is sit back and wait while the experts at REPOWER OC take care of all the red tape and construction.

Afterward, business owners can use electricity to charge vehicles, as well as charge customers for charging. This key installation can change everything for businesses like car dealerships, car washes, and offices.

Solar Panels In Orange County With REPOWER OC

“REPOWER OC is dedicated to helping users save money on utility bills and promoting a sustainable future,” says McLaughlin.

“There’s never been a better time to opt for solar energy for a home or business. With energy costs going up, residents receive consistent savings well past the initial ROI on solar systems. Regardless of the industry.”


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