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Auto Pro Buys Tech Joins Kevin Harrington & to Help People Sell Vehicles Safely, Easily, & for More Money

Auto Pro Buys, with its national footprint, network of active buyers, & tremendous manpower, is on a mission to bring make selling your vehicle safer & easier.

UNITED STATES, October 13, 2022 / -- Economic uncertainty is driving many Americans to sell unneeded vehicles, both for the immediate cash and to reduce ongoing expenses—but that presents a number of challenges for sellers.

Auto Pro Buys, with the help of business titan, Kevin Harrington, and automotive juggernaut,, is expanding its mission to eliminate those challenges for consumers.

Selling a vehicle on your own is time consuming because first you have to figure out where and how to list it, and then you have to deal with everyone who inquires about it—most of whom are not serious or able to buy it in the first place. You also run the risk of encountering dangerous criminals. In fact, local news outlets lately are flooded with stories of people trying to sell their own vehicles through platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, and getting robbed in the process. Selling your vehicle to a dealer, on the other hand, comes with a different set of challenges. While the process here is safer and faster than selling it on your own, you usually won’t get a fair price because the dealer will always make a rock bottom offer so that they can resell it on their lot.

But Auto Pro Buys, with its national footprint, network of active buyers, and tremendous manpower, is on a mission to bring consumers the best of both worlds.

Harrington was so impressed with its approach that he recently joined forces with the company, bringing decades of direct to consumer marketing experience to help Auto Pro Buys serve even more people.

“More people today are trying to sell their vehicles than ever before because of the economy, but until Auto Pro Buys, there wasn’t really a good way for the average person to do that. I saw a huge opportunity here to serve a large number of people and to scale the company in the process.,” Harrington said.

The value to consumers is in the ease and speed that they’re able to sell their vehicles through the Auto Pro Buys network of dealers—and typically at a higher price. And because these are verified businesses rather than random people on the internet, the risk of dangerous encounters is virtually eliminated.

Ray Smith, CEO of Auto Pro Buys, says, “We’ve spent years building a massive network of dealers across the country, and this is a powerful resource when it comes to selling a vehicle. You could either try to sell your vehicle yourself, reaching only a small portion of the people in your city, or you could tap into thousands of dealers who are actively looking for the vehicles their customers want to buy.”

He believes the choice is obvious.

“Think of Auto Pro Buys like a listing agent, but for cars. In the same way a Realtor protects and guides you through the sale of your home, our team protects and guides you through the sale of your vehicle,” Smith explains.

With the Auto Pro Buys team on their side to reach more of the right people, sellers will typically get up to 20% more for their vehicle because dealers all over America are bidding on it in real time. Smith says the company also handles all the paperwork that must be filed with the state, so that’s one less thing the seller has to worry about.

While the company is working to reach more sellers, it’s also working to further expand its network of dealers.

“The more we can grow both the seller and dealer sides of our network, the more impact we can have for more people,” Smith said of the company’s aggressive expansion plans.

As Auto Pro Buys continues to scale, bringing more sellers and dealers together, the faster sellers will then be able to sell their vehicles at a higher sale price, and the larger the pool of available inventory will be for dealers. The company also just recently partnered with and are utilizing their Accu-Trade appraisal tool to give customers an accurate valuation of their car in less than 5 minutes. This platform allows Auto Pro Buys to scale our business more rapidly and uniformly. This partnership has also allowed Auto Pro Buys to tap into's network of dealers which has grown to over 10,000 across the Nation.

Dealers benefit from the Auto Pro Buys platform just as much as sellers because it gives them a viable solution to the glaring vehicle shortage that is plaguing dealers across the country. With a more reliable stream of inventory, dealers will be better able to thrive through the economic difficulties the entire country is facing, so they’ll be more profitable and will be able to retain more employees while their more complacent competitors struggle.

Smith says, “I’m excited that we’re able to bring so much value to both sides of the automotive industry, and I’m honored that Kevin Harrington, with his vast experience in direct to consumer marketing, feels the same way about Auto Pro Buys. I look forward to scaling this company into a titan of the automotive industry so we can serve even more customers in the way they deserve.”

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