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GTM Partners Releases The First GTM Vendor Perspective and it’s About Hushly

Hushly Go-To-Market Perspective by GTM Partners

Hushly Go-To-Market Perspective by GTM Partners

This is the first-of-its-kind vendor GTM Perspective and ROI analysis of Hushly by GTM Partners

Our Hushly perspective enables marketing executives to think differently while enabling personalized buyer experiences for demand generation and account-based strategies.”
— Sangram Vajre, CoFounder and CEO at GTM Partners
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, October 11, 2022 / -- Hushly, the all-in-one marketing platform for B2B buyer experience and conversions looked to a new type of analyst firm called GTM Partners, for a third party validation and data-driven analysis of what business problems the Hushly platform is solving and how well it delivers on those promises.

“Our primary focus aims to be the voice of the industry for all things GTM and advising companies on how to get the most out of an investment in technology,” says Sangram Vajre, CoFounder and CEO at GTM Partners. “Our Hushly perspective enables marketing executives to think differently while enabling personalized buyer experiences for demand generation and account-based strategies.”

“I love the fact that the GTM perspective is third-party validated and has data-driven analysis as opposed to vendor stack rankings, '' says James Kessinger, CMO & Chief Operating Officer at Hushly. “This provides a succinct picture about Hushly's capabilities and value of our all-in-one marketing platform as opposed to a point product view you get from looking at a single category or market that we operate in.”

GTM Perspectives look at all the categories a vendor is in and uses G2 intent data to better understand traffic patterns in those categories as well as look at the growth and quality of customer reviews on G2 Crowd to guide in the analysis. GTM Partners also perform customer interviews, providing a voice of the customer along with the data analysis.

“When we spoke to Hushly customers and read Hushly’s G2 reviews it validated that Hushly has a compelling unified marketing platform that delivers results across multiple use cases.” says Bryan Brown, Chief Analyst at GTM Partners. “I believe that companies who are looking to achieve efficient growth should be looking at innovative martech companies like Hushly.”

Hushly Value Propositions:
Deliver rich, dynamic & personalized web and content experiences
Increase conversion & lead quality
Increase operational efficiencies and amplify existing investment

Hushly GTM Perspective Stats:
Lead Conversions as high as 243%
Lead Quality as high as 62%
Content Engagement as high as 1800%
Reduced bounce rate
Increased site dwell time
Increased target account engagement

“The market has evolved away from having separate platforms and vendors for website personalization, content experience, demand capture, and buyer intelligence, this new digital experience has to be integrated and unified into a single platform,” says James Kessinger, Chief Marketing Officer and COO of Hushly. “Today’s CMO’s and revenue marketers don’t have the time nor the budget to waste on point product solutions that don’t work as a single platform. This is why Hushly continues to evolve and innovate our all-in-one marketing platform for efficient growth.”

About Hushly:
Hushly is the first all-in-one marketing platform for b2b marketers. With Hushly, b2b marketers gain efficiencies, productivity, and accelerate revenue. By offering rich - personalized – and connected digital experiences to their customers. The Hushly buyer experience and conversion platform takes critical products that need to work together as a solution and brings them under a single platform. So, buyers get a connected digital experience, dynamic personalized content, and better educated, faster. While marketers see a holistic view of visitor and account activities across their digital properties which leads to better buyer intelligence for increased sales opportunities and accelerated deal velocity. Learn more at

About GTM Partners:
Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Atlanta, GTM Partners is the brainchild of B2B go-to-market industry experts Sangram Vajre, industry expert Bryan Brown and Judd Borakave. The firm was created to help GTM professionals and solutions vendors achieve efficient growth by transforming their GTM strategy and process. To understand the offerings for GTM vendors and members, please visit

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