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The Strength of the Nation

Author Luisa Plancher releases a book that will help the USA achieve greatness, once again.

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 11, 2022 / -- "The Strength of the Nation" was written for former President Trump in the United States of America. And, since now we have President Biden, Luisa has added a section addressed to him.

The objective of The Strength of the Nation is not only to make America great, but also to make all nations great, including Israel and the countries of the Middle East. There are also sections addressed to Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, China, and the Leaders of Central and South America

Regarding the Middle East, the author is convinced that, as soon as the USA becomes great and strong again by uniting people from all nations into a workable Prototype of the Kingdom of God, Israel will repent for having killed Jesus, and will not only qualify to become the Leader of God’s Kingdom on Earth but, the Jewish People will also reconcile with the Arabs.

That’s how we will have Peace in the Middle East.

This book offers readers a glimpse into the author's opinions on how to think like the ancient prophets. Nations that exchange knowledge can comprehend that it comes from a higher spiritual source.

The book will pique the curiosity of readers who are fascinated by politics. People will learn historical details and data that can teach them how to succeed where others have failed by creating a great nation. The purpose of this is to persuade readers to behave as better citizens in order to save their nation.

After getting married to an American citizen, Italian school teacher Luisa Mirella Plancher immigrated to the USA in 1970. The author's success in obtaining a degree in political science and having a successful career in social work can be attributed to her lifelong interest in governmental matters.

She and former President Donald Trump have been sharing the same goal to make America great again ever since he took office. Plancher has seen several tragic occurrences in the USA, which have made her believe that even ethical politics cannot provide a remedy. She hopes to be successful in this attempt by publishing The Strength of the Nation to educate every citizen for the sake of the United States of America, and all nations in the world.

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