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A Fictional City Called Neve Fritsky Aims to Improve Cats rights

Kitten lover and SEO expert, Yair Zilberman, created the "Neve Fritsky Municipality", a site for a SEO contest that takes place in Israel

A unique competition is taking place in Israel where the participants are required to create a new website for “Neve Fritsky”, which is a city that doesn’t exist and is imaginary. This website needs to be created on a new domain and be organically promoted on Google under the city’s name in Hebrew. The participant that his site gets to the highest position at the competition’s end – wins. Yair Zilberman is one of the participants and an avid kitten lover who is well known for his animal rights advocacy. As a participant, he has submitted his visionary website of the city to the contest.


Feline Population Suffering in Israel

All over the world, millions of animals are suffering, left unattended and homeless. As per a recent study in Israel, there are more than 2 million street cats in the country. The sad part is that they are in pain, not getting enough to eat and dying unattended. There is actually no progress towards stopping the suffering of the poor animals. There is no budget allocation and no programs for their rescue and settlement.


Cats' rights awareness among the people is minimal, though people love their feline friends. Nevertheless several initiatives are now being taken, but the results are yet to be seen. A lot needs to be done fast, because the suffering of the stray cats doesn’t seem to end. Many activists like Yair believe that people should come forward and adopt cats, take them home, love and care for them so that they do not have to suffer in the streets anymore.

Though the prize money of $4,200 is quite lucrative, there is something more serious involved in the contest. Participants agree with Yair when he says, "Me talking about a city of cats is an opportunity to talk about the rights of cats, about their right to live with dignity and in good health, and to encourage the adoption of sweet kittens.” His ‘Neve Fritsky’ website tries to promote these goals.


The Hypothetical City:

In his website, Yair portrays a city that has a cat as the mayor. The city has 500 citizens and all are cats. The website is aimed to draw a lot of media attention, and spark a conversation about animal rights and the plight of stray cats. The idea behind the site was to create awareness with the hope of reducing the suffering of stray cats in Israel.

Yair’s website is available at the following URL (you’ll need to translate it into English) –

- Video of the Mayor:


Video Link:

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