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Brainnest Introduces Data Analysis Industry Training To Equip Fresh Graduates With Valuable Hands-on Skills

Brainnest Data Analysis Industry Training Program

BREMEN, BREMEN, GERMANY, October 6, 2022 / -- Data analysis is essential in virtually every industry. However, according to Brainnest, a Germany-based business management and training company, fresh graduates lack practical data analysis skills to tackle real industry problems. They only have theoretical knowledge acquired from college and other educational institutions.

To bridge that gap, Brainnest has introduced a 4-week Data Analysis Industry Training program to equip graduates with hands-on skills to handle real market needs and have a competitive advantage in the labor market.

What Does The Brainnest Data Analysis Industry Training Entail?

The primary goal of the Data Analysis Industry Training program is to allow participants to work on business projects, receive valuable guidance, and learn practical data analysis skills instead of just theoretical concepts.

Experienced industry professionals will give lectures, covering a wide range of topics, including:

Normal distribution and what to do when data is not normally distributed
Normal distribution and Z-score to determine the probability of an outcome
Performing reliability analysis to check the reliability of individual elements in a project
Comparing results from one group of people with results from one or more other groups
Calculating the correlation coefficient and what it is used for
Proper use of null and alternative hypotheses to effectively separate scientific claims from statistical noise
Using SPSS to manage data, perform analyses, and create visual representations of data
General principles and practices used in the data analysis industry

Participants can attend the training remotely from anywhere across the globe through the provider’s online platforms and systems. Before being admitted to the program, applicants will undergo a 20-minute interview designed for level-assessment purposes.

During the interview, candidates will also learn more about the company, program structure, program content, and tutors. Additionally, the interview helps evaluate the applicants’ interest and their academic background and plans.

The Program Instructors

Some of the program’s notable tutors are Renato, a Ph.D. candidate in Applied Linguistics at the University of Essex; Joseph, a computer engineer with over 20 years of experience in software development; and Elnaz, a data analyst working at a public university.

Renato is an Assistant Lecturer at the university’s Department of Languages and Linguistics. He is involved in several projects regarding the cognitive aspects of language learning in adults and older adults. One of his notable milestones is developing and designing various psychometric tests that he hopes will help the world understand how language learning can benefit older adults and potentially help slow the cognitive degeneration that occurs with age.

Renato worked on a range of web projects and applications during his undergraduate studies. He approaches problems pragmatically, thanks to his engineering background and programming experience. In addition, he has a passion for qualitative research and recently started applying the knowledge to the world of finance.

Besides developing trading algorithms, he enjoys following the world of stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies. While he believes that attaining financial freedom is easier today than ever, he says that one must have a hunger for knowledge, determination, and hard work to achieve it.

Besides his two decades of software development experience, Joseph has worked for over twelve years as a project and product manager in various international companies. He is currently pursuing a master’s in cloud computing at Torrens University Australia.

Joseph is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Australian Computer Society (ACS). He is also on the American University of Science and Technology industrial board.

Joseph has overseen international projects since 2008 in various fields, including telecommunications and software development. He recently worked on a project with Oncologica UK, a premier precision oncology services laboratory and contract research organization. Though a native Arabic speaker, he is fluent in English and French.

Elnaz holds a Ph.D. in industrial engineering and operations research. As a data analyst, Elnaz oversees data-driven student research projects. She has developed strong analytical skills by working with universities and various industries, including banking and insurance.

With about ten years of experience teaching Data Analysis for Business and Economics, Operations Research, Applications of Statistics in Engineering, and Mathematics and its Applications in Management, Elnaz has demonstrated her diverse potential. Her academic career has been accompanied by publications, awards, and grants.

About Brainnest
Brainnest is a business management and training company headquartered in Bremen, Germany. The company focuses on providing top-quality consulting and training services for a wide range of industries across the globe.
They capitalize on a well-equipped team, advanced tools, and modern technologies to give the clients the necessary skills to tackle various challenges in their respective fields. Since its establishment in 2020, Brainnest has helped many professionals and entrepreneurs transform how they conduct business.

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