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Dee Bryant Inspired LLC to be Featured on Close Up Radio

MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2022 / -- For decades, females have played a critical role in the military. As more women break through barriers, defy gender roles, and take on leadership positions, they continue to establish themselves as significant contributors in serving our country. One particular woman, who served 21 years on active duty in the Army before retiring, has not only paved the way proving women are as capable as their male counterparts, but by sharing her story continues to inspire more of us to persevere with faith, love, and hard work, which seems to be creating a monumental ripple effect throughout the world.

Dee Bryant is a retired army officer, podcaster, motivational speaker and author of two books, 'Holding On and Not Giving Up On Self' and ‘Girls Wear Combat Boots Too’.

“Through the years I served I was able to work my way up through the ranks and being an officer in a leadership position I felt pressured to represent my race as a proud African-American woman and even today I always feel that I am a representation of that. I had to work twice as hard but I did wholeheartedly with integrity, drive, initiative, and ambition to be the best. My experience in the military was empowering, life changing, full of ups and downs, and from defeat and failure to perseverance and triumph.”

Even through the rigorous training that could be physically and emotionally draining and obstacles in her way, Dee handled it with grit, fearlessness, and with the desire to positively represent while making a difference.

Raised in Jacksonville, Florida along with her three siblings, Dee had deeply religious loving parents, and a grandmother who instilled in young Dee to live by the Psalm “The Lord is my Shepherd,” and that psalm created in her an unshakeable faith in God that stuck with her all her life. Living with this unwavering faith and God centered life continued to sustain her through her life’s journey. At 18, although she was ambitious with a fiery entrepreneurial spirit, Dee struggled with money issues prompting her to join the military eight months after graduating from high school. She served in both the enlisted and officers’ ranks. One of her biggest accomplishments was graduating from the Army Airborne School. Yes, she has even jumped out of perfectly good airplanes while in motion.

After Dee retired in 2006, after 21 years of highly successful career, she began working in government service in cyber operations landing several leadership roles in military planning, domestic and international partnerships, and as the lead training manager for her Directorate where she recently received the only commendable during the Inspector General Inspection for ‘Training’ in support of the United States Cyber Command in 2022.

“Upon retiring from government service at the end of the year, my goal will be dedicated to building my brand to help motivate and inspire young people towards positive change.” This is true through her most recent endeavor, which is gaining momentum as a major podcast influencer with a focus on motivating and inspiring young people towards military service within the United States Army through her podcast on Spotify: Dee Bryant Inspired. Another way she is continuing to inspire is through her wonderful writing. Dee Bryant is a passionate author of two books, Holding On and Not Giving Up On Self, and Girls Wear Combat Boots Too.

Holding On and Not Giving Up On Self (2016), Dee Bryant's first book, specifically takes the reader on her military journey of developing mental toughness during times of failure, sadness, disappointments, making mistakes and dealing with fear. Throughout the book, Dee leans on her faith in God to keep pushing forward with a spirit of excellence.

Dee’s second book, Girl Wear Combat Boots Too, is a book created to inspire little girls and little boys to go after their dreams—even when there may be people around them that do not believe. Girls Wear Combat Boots Too is about 8-year-old Grace. Grace developed a fear of heights at age six after being pushed off the top of a playground slide by the classroom bully. What is ironic about this story is that she has acrophobia, but yet she still wants to live out her five-year-old dream to jump out of a moving aircraft and fly in the sky like a bird, just like her mom did while serving in the Army. But first, she must learn to overcome her fear while dealing with unforeseen circumstances and the classroom bully, determined to stop her.

Having completed with three degrees, including a Certification in Business Administration from Georgetown University, Dee is also a Competent Communicator with Toastmasters International, and she was recently inducted into the International Society of Female Professionals (ISFP). ISFP is one of the world’s leading associations for women.

Dee Bryant gets emotional when she speaks about how we are all uniquely created with special gifts, talents, and abilities. It is her desire to tap into young people inter strengths of faith, belief and confidence in themselves to be great!

“It is all about doing what I can to pour into our young people to help produce productive citizens of society with drive, initiative, ambition, and purpose to be great with a spirit of excellence. It all starts with a belief in self which is the fuel needed to positively accomplish anything.”

Dee Bryant is an ordinary citizen without any fanfare doing extraordinary things, with the potential to inspire and change the world!

Close Up Radio will feature Dee Bryant in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Friday October 7th at 11 a.m. EST.

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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