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Florida's VA Mortgage Center releases new book "The Official VA Mortgage Handbook"

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Florida's VA mortgage Center

Florida's VA Mortgage Center releases new book "The Official VA Mortgage Handbook: How to get the MAXIMUM BENEFIT from your VA mortgage Entitlement"

"The VA mortgage is a great program for Florida Veterans, and we're trying to get the word out", said Rick Foxx, President and CEO of Florida's VA Mortgage Center”
— Rick Foxx
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, U.S., October 6, 2022 / -- Florida's VA Mortgage Center releases new book to assist Florida Veterans, announces expansion to a new "Virtual" location near Macdill AFB in Tampa FL

Florida's VA Mortgage Center has released a new book, specifically for Florida Veterans, titled "The Official VA Mortgage Handbook : How to get the MAXIMUM BENEFIT from your VA Mortgage Entitlement"

The new book is available on Amazon, or Veterans can request a complimentary copied to be mailed to them by filling out a quick request form at Florida's VA Mortgage Center's website

"This book is targeted specifically towards Florida veterans, who may not know how to use their VA mortgage to buy a home" said Rick Foxx, President of Florida's VA Mortgage Center. "Many Veterans have either not used their VA mortgage benefit, or may have used it already and don't know they can use it again and again."

The VA mortgage is often misunderstood, and many Veterans either don't know if they qualify, are unsure if they can use it for more than a starter home, or just don't know where to start. The Veterans Administration guarantees the loan, so banks and mortgage lenders are very eager to make these loans. Active duty personnel with 180 days of service qualify, and in some cases as little as 90 days service will suffice. The Certificate of Eligibility is available from qualified lenders, who pull it directly from the VA portal.

"We can pull the Certificate of Eligibility in 2 minutes, using just the Veterans DOB and SS#" said Rick. "Most mortgage companies ask the Veterans for documentation - we have direct access to the VA portal, so we can do better that that. It's another way to increase our value to the Veteran community, and make the VA mortgage more accessible to our Florida Veterans"

"The VA mortgage is a great program for Florida Veterans, and we're trying to get the word out", said Rick. "The VA mortgage can be used multiple times, is easy to qualify for, and can be used to buy a home that isn't necessarily a starter home. I've done VA mortgages in excess of $800,000, and the only limit right now is the Veteran's income - as long as they have the income to support the payment, the sky's the limit on how much home you can buy. This book is meant to clear up any confusion and lay out the VA guidelines as simply as possible"

The book release coincides with the expansion of Florida's VA Mortgage Center to a new "virtual" location, serving MacDill AFB. This new office is to serve the Veteran population in Tampa, around MacDill AFB.

"We're looking to expand across the entire State of Florida, but doing as much as possible online streamlines the process tremendously" said Rick Foxx. “Our Veteran clients are busy, like everyone else. Today we can do everything online or over the phone, so there's no need for in-person applications, unless the clients specifically ask to meet at our office. We can always schedule a time for our Clearwater location, or we'll meet on-base, or near MacDill AFB. Whatever works best for our clients schedules, that's what we'll do"

Right now the biggest players in the VA Mortgage market are national companies, which means Veterans can get lost in the shuffle at the big call centers. Veterans can often get frustrated with long hold times, and calling back and never getting the same person twice on the phone. Florida's VA Mortgage Center intends to change the way Veterans learn about, apply for, and ultimately close on their VA Mortgages.

“Our Veteran clients really want to be able to work with someone local and trusted. With that in mind, expanding our retail presence in Florida is very important to us.” said Rick Foxx, President of Florida’s VA Mortgage Mortgage Center.

What's next for Florida's VA mortgage Center? "I'd like to be near every base in Florida, with a local phone number, a "Virtual" office, and offer easy access to the VA mortgage program. Focusing exclusively on VA Mortgages gives our company a clear advantage over our competition, who may only do VA mortgages occasionally" said Rick Foxx.

Florida's VA mortgage Center currently has an office in Clearwater, a branch in Micanopy, and the "virtual" office near MacDill AFB as well.

The Clearwater office location information is: Florida's VA Mortgage Center, 111 N. Belcher Rd , Clearwater, FL 33765 Phone (727)777-4999

To learn more, please find Florida's VA Mortgage Center on Google :

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