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Ergo21 Announce the Expansion of Wheelchair Cushion with 4 Different Sizes – Regular, Large, Large Deluxe, Extra-Large

Wheel Chair Cushions

Wheel Chair Cushions

WheelChair Cushions

WheelChair Cushions

Ergo21 Announce the Expansion of Wheelchair Cushion Category with 4 Different Sizes – Regular, Large, Large Deluxe, Extra-Large

NEWPORT BEACH, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2022 / -- ● A renowned name in the industry, Ergo21 came up with four different sizes in the category of wheelchair cushion for pressure relief to offer effective back pain relief solutions to people with different requirements.

● The wheelchair cushion collection includes The Original cushion, The Sports Cushion, The Lumbar Cushion, and The Coccyx Cushion, which are suitable for transport wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, mobility scooters, wheelchair back cushions, geriatric wheelchairs, etc.

● The cushions feature the state-of-the-art LiquiCell technology, which is based on water-filled membranes that help distributes the pressure from the sit bones and enhance blood circulation.

Ergo21, a leading name in the industry, announced its new move to add four new sizes in the category of the Wheelchair lumbar cushion. As the demand for good quality wheelchair cushions is on the rise, the company decided to tap into the potential of the market and fulfill the different requirements of people by presenting a wide array of sizes. Mr Steve Gambhir, President and Product Designer, Ergo21 comfort seat cushion said, “When you are spending 10-12 hours sitting on the wheelchair, you need a good quality cushion that can support your sit bones and relieves pressure so that there is no fidgeting, tail burn, or numbness. We understood these issues and decided to come up with cushions of different sizes so that everyone irrespective of their weight and height can feel the same comfort.”

People who spend hours sitting in a wheelchair need the best quality wheelchair back cushion that offers support to their lumbar back and tailbone so that they can sit pain-free for hours. Throwing light on the market trends Mr Gambhir said, “Over the years, the wheelchair cushion industry has undergone a tremendous change. Earlier, there were limited options of wheelchair cushion for pressure relief in terms of size and composition. While foam, gel, and air cushions were amongst the popular options, cushions with advanced technology and user-friendly features and versatility took over the market.” He added, “At Ergo, we made sure to develop products that are practical, effective, and multipurpose. Our wheelchair lumbar cushion range now includes cushions in Regular, Large, Large Deluxe, and Extra-Large sizes.”

The Ergo21 wheelchair cushion regular size is suitable for people weighing 150 lbs or less, the large size cushion is suitable for 160 lbs to up to 200 lbs, the large deluxe size is suitable for people weighing 200 lbs+, and the extra-large deluxe size is for people weighing 250 lbs+. Mr Gambhir added, “We’ve tried to cater to the requirements of people with different health conditions with different needs. The Ergo21 wheelchair back cushion is crafted using stretchable micro fabric, which prevents stretching of soft tissues; it is lightweight, portable, and is made using resilient foam that can withstand regular wear and tear.”

Suitable for transport wheelchairs, mobility scooters, geriatric wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and manual wheelchairs, the Ergo21 wheelchair cushion doesn’t interfere with the person’s positioning and ensures unsurpassed long-term comfort. Explaining the unique technology of the Ergo21 wheelchair cushions he said, “We are constantly evolving our products to fulfill the needs of people struggling with lower back pain issues. Our cushions feature the ergonomically designed LiquiCell technology, which is based on water-filled membranes. These are hand-stitched on the cushions to ensure that the pressure from your tailbone is evenly distributed.”

The company has a wide range of lumbar support cushions including the original cushions, sports cushions, coccyx cushions, travel cushions, lumbar cushions, mesh chair seat cushions, bicycle cushions, and meditation cushions, etc. The enterprise is constantly working on developing new products that play a crucial role in supporting the lumbar back. With the new product offerings, the company has entered the healthcare industry and has opened doors for a wide range of customers that are looking for practical solutions that ensure great results. Talking about their future plans, Mr Gambhir added, “Ergo21 is a team of passionate people who are constantly working on innovative products and solutions. We are planning to launch new categories in the near future.”

About LiquiCell Technology

The technology uses a combination of low-viscosity fluids, which are strategically placed on pressure points. The flow of the liquid controls the soft tissue compression and reduces the shear stress and skin friction. This reduces the perpendicular pressure and offers support to your sit bones. The Ergo21 Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion features four hand-stitched water membranes, which makes sitting comfortable for hours as it lets your body glide by reducing friction. Every LiquiCell pad is lightweight, pliable, and contains urethane membranes sealed in low viscosity liquid. These membranes distribute the pressure and make it easy to sit for a prolonged period of time. A local US foundry provided Ergo21 with a specific density open cell foam that is meant to absorb road vibrations without being uncomfortable for the sitting muscles. Then, a specially designed LiquiCell Membrane is applied on top to enhance blood flow while safeguarding delicate skin tissues from deterioration.

About Ergo21

Dedicated to offering smart solutions to counteract the health issues related to lower back pain, Ergo21 is a leading name in the industry. With an exhaustive range of lumbar support cushions, including wheelchair cushions, original cushions, sports cushions, coccyx cushions, lumbar cushions, travel cushions, mesh chair set cushions and more, the company has 500+ five-star reviews on Amazon. The company is planning to expand its product line with LiquiCell-filled bicycle seats, shoe insoles, and pillow cases.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Fellow Coccyx Pain Sufferers, It's Worth the $s
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I have had extreme coccyx pain for 5 years. I learned quickly that you get what you pay for. 5 years ago I found a cushion for $50 that helped significantly after trying many so I bought 3. A couple of years later I found another one that worked well and bought 3.

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