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Two Couples Race to Keep Alien Technology Out of the Hands of a World Power in Timely New Thriller

The Trouble with Miracles

Stephen Steele


Steele’s writing is masterful, pairing poetic prose with a winding, serpentine narrative that seamlessly blends action and romance. Each character is fully fleshed out and comes alive on the page.”
— BookTrib
UNITED STATES, October 11, 2022 / -- The future is at stake in author Stephen Steele’s breathless new thriller, The Trouble with Miracles, book 3 in the Trouble with Miracles series. In an age where geopolitical tensions are higher than ever and the infinite arms race between nations is conducted in the open for the world to see, this book is sure to resonate with readers.

Steele’s latest book follows the first two in the series: The Cannastar Factor and The Organ Grinder Factor. Protagonists Cyd Seeley and Alex Farmer want nothing more than to return home to Montana, settle down and start a family—but it is not to be. Robert, a close friend working in Chile, goes missing. Robert’s father, fearing the worst after recent earthquakes in Chile trigger strange lights emanating from a volcano, persuades the duo to go looking for him.

A harrowing adventure ensues that uncovers a civilization of ancient aliens with the secret to fusion energy, the same energy that powers the sun. The Chinese, mining lithium for electric car batteries in Chile’s northern desert, learn that one of their geologists, the missing Robert, has discovered a cryptic object that explains how this technology works, the only catch being it is written in the alien’s unreadable language.

Meanwhile, Bahamian treasure hunters Sam Sorini and Nikki Perez recover a journal from a sunken 18th century Spanish galleon that reveals there is something hidden on an island off Chile’s coast that could be the key to unlocking the alien object.

Desperate to get their hands on energy technology they can use to rule the world, the Chinese pursue Cyd, Alex, Sam and Nikki to the ends of the earth where the secrets of the Easter Island statues could either save the future or destroy it.

Steele’s writing is masterful, pairing poetic prose with a winding, serpentine narrative that seamlessly blends action and romance. Each character is strongly individual, fully fleshed out and comes alive on the page.

Although The Trouble with Miracles is full of humor, it is at its heart a deeply thoughtful commentary on the world stage, where nations will espouse meaningless diplomatic ideals about peace while simultaneously using whatever means necessary to acquire power. In The Trouble with Miracles, readers will laugh, hate, cry and enjoy a scathing satire that will keep them enthralled through to the very last page.

THE TROUBLE WITH MIRACLES is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.

Stephen Steele is a graduate of the University of North Texas with degrees in English literature and marketing. An avid sailor, swimmer and mountain biker, the author worked as a salesman, syndicator of television sports shows, builder and developer, ski instructor and cowboy. He lives in an 1800s Victorian home with his ruthless editor Beverly, a fly rod and Montana’s streams and rivers of ice and snow. Visit

Stephen Steele
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