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Billionaire NFTs Marking First Year of Optimizing Passive Income Relating Shoe Industry


This October Billionaire NFTs celebrates their full-year anniversary by launching their custom sneakers for men and women.

VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2022 / -- Billionaire NFTs is a digital and physical marketplace that provides a platform for customers, investors, and collectors to enter the blockchain ecosystem and global marketplace. Arthur Palyan, an artist himself, has worked with many other artists to create digital pieces available for anyone to purchase. The current advancement is working with Sneakers for both Men and Women.

Rather than thinking about personal gain, Arthur offers free help to anyone interested in the art to gain success through monetization. Currently, the company is working with investors who want a passive income opportunity in Men and Women's Sneakers and other shoes.

This effectiveness will give Arthur a greater audience for his art but, more importantly, the passion for digital and physical art to good use by helping others participate in creating, collecting royalties, and even selling them on NFT markets as well as gain money.

Billionaire NFTs have a considerable presence at OpenSea, the world's first and largest NFT marketplace. Investors can purchase the creator's art to add to their collection or even to sell in the future to earn a profit. Billionaire NFTs offers a passive income with men's and women's shoes that are super lightweight and comfortable, with over 250 styles with brilliant artwork.

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The footwear is all eco-friendly, while in the process, no animal byproducts were used. The shoes are available at the price of Up to $70 on sale when working with an affiliate. Try not to miss out and get the shoes delivered from the factory to any doorstep within 30 days.

Arthur Palyan quoted, "In a time of intangibilities, the only thing there is to do is be tangible."
October 1st marks the first anniversary of Billionaire NFTs. Through digital artwork and now selling excellent-quality sneakers, Arthur Palyan has indeed reached and cemented his influence in the industry. This effectiveness will give Arthur a greater audience for his art but, more importantly, the passion for digital art to good use by helping others collect art pieces or even sell them on NFT markets to gain money.

The NFT blockchain is a vast industry with many opportunities for people interested in gaining value for money. Arthur uses his skills to help those looking to make it big with their art by transforming artwork or videos into collectible digital and physical pieces. Once the digital and physical pieces are made, the artist can sell or collect royalties on them for the future, wait for the value to increase, or trade them into the global NFT marketplaces as digital assets.

In addition to the collectibles and wearables, the company has plans that will make them involved in the ever-evolving world of virtual reality. The company has projects to be involved with the Metaverse while simultaneously introducing gears available for gaming and avatars and new digital art galleries for enthusiasts to tour and admire the artwork.

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About Billionaire NFTs
Found by creator and artist Arthur Palyan, a digital and physical marketplace for innovative and collectible artwork and customized shoes. The company works with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them monetize and bring their collectible dreams into reality. Arthur gives away 80% of the art collections to collectors and rising NFT entrepreneurs with the idea of gaining exposure and money to help more rising talents.

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