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ameriCARE Bay Area and Mariposa Technologies Inc Forge Partnership for Better In-Home Personal Care for Bay Area Seniors

ameriCARE Bay Area adopts the Mariposa mobile-first senior care and family engagement platform

NAPA, CA, USA, October 5, 2022 / -- Announcing a partnership to make aging in place better for seniors, their families and caregivers by helping them align on their care needs, personalize their care plans, and coordinate and jointly manage their care delivery.

With age, many of us need help - sometimes a little, sometimes more. The types and intensity of care needed typically increase over time, and it’s rare to find a superhuman who can do it all. The difficulties of effective care assessment, needs communication and coordination among family and professional caregivers can make senior care frustrating, fragmented, and unfulfilling for all involved.

ameriCARE is a leading San Francisco Bay Area home care agency dedicated to providing companionship, personal, respite and post-operative care – all in the comfort of a senior’s own home. They take a holistic approach to caregiving to help seniors maintain their dignity and self-respect while providing peace of mind, companionship, safety and supervision.

WIth today’s announcement, ameriCARE Bay Area has adopted the Mariposa mobile-first senior care and family engagement platform. This means ameriCARE can now collaborate easily with families on care needs identification and management and monitor care delivery while achieving better caregiver satisfaction and retention. It also gives ameriCARE a relationship-building tool to use with callers inquiring about help who are not ready to commit to it. With Mariposa, ameriCARE can offer the free app for callers’ use with their loved ones, beginning a relationship with ameriCARE for when they do decide to seek assistance.

The Mariposa platform is unique in its senior-centric approach to enabling joint management of care by the key players involved in a senior’s care and well-being - including caregivers, homecare agencies, and designated family members. It provides for personalization of a senior’s care plan to accommodate the senior’s preferences and their family’s wishes. It facilitates alignment among seniors, their family and their caregivers, promoting continuity of care among them and increasing everyone’s satisfaction with the care experience. By enabling caregivers to provide feedback on the care situation on each visit, seniors’ changing needs are more promptly and systematically addressed.

“Mariposa is a powerful tool that helps us expand our capacity as an in-home care agency. The platform enables the agency to better coordinate care with the entire care circle vs just those individuals associated with the agency. That translates to better quality care for our clients and more peace of mind for their families.” -- Kevin Rasmussen, ameriCARE Bay Area

The Mariposa platform is available to homecare agencies and senior living communities for scheduling, delivering and managing in-home personal care services. The free app is available to seniors, their families and others in the App Store and Google Play.

About ameriCARE Bay Area – ameriCARE Bay Area provides a more dignified in-home care experience to residents of the Bay Area. It’s a family-owned business devoted to doing care differently by preserving the dignity of their clients with an easy, seamless, and more personalized experience. The team of experienced, compassionate, and professional caregivers believes in care that supports and serves the whole person, as well as their immediate families and communities. For this reason, they offer thoughtful and personalized care that can maintain and enrich each client’s quality of life no matter the life changes they are experiencing.

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About Mariposa Technologies, Inc – Mariposa Technologies, Inc designs technology and tools that make life better at every stage. Their mobile-first senior care and family engagement platform and free senior care coordination and engagement app are HIPAA-compliant and enable personalization and alignment on seniors’ care needs. Mariposa offers the only solution that is consumer-owned, controlled and personalized, is portable across care settings, and facilitates family engagement in the care experience.

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