New Positivity Based Business Reality Show Premieres on the BLKGTV App

Season 1 Cast of "I'm the Entrepreneur's Social Connect"

Season 1 Cast-Top row (L to R) Camille Brown. Desiree Paulk, Katrina Spagnoletti, Kimberlee Cousin, Vashti Gary, Dorniesha Crockett Second Row: Shirley Ibe, Shaylan Pittard, Athena Vassell, Kinyatta Gray, Stephanie Hoyte and Lakinya Francis

Creators I am the Entrepreneurs Social Connect

I'm the Entrepreneurs Social Connect Creator- Camille Brown (L) and Co-Creator Maureen Washington (R)

I'm the Entrepreneurs Social Connect Logo- Branching Tree

I'm the Entrepreneurs Social Connect focuses on the positivity and opportunity that grows while forming meaningful business connections, much like a tree.

"I’m The Entrepreneurs Social Connect," a New Business Reality Show is now available for preview on the BLKGTV app – a full season to follow this December.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 6, 2022 / --

The newest business reality show, “I’m the Entrepreneurs Social Connect” can now be previewed on the BLKGTV app. The new show focuses on entrepreneurs and the positive connections they create while building their businesses. A one-episode preview premiered on the app on August 27th, 2022. The entire season will be available on Dec. 10th, 2022.

On "I’m the Entrepreneurs Social Connect" viewers will follow real-life entrepreneurs as they navigate the ups and downs of running their businesses providing real-world insight and feedback on business ownership.

The host of season one of "I’m the Entrepreneurs Social Connect" is creator Camille Brown, owner of Pussy Hefner, LLC. Co-creator Maureen Washington, owner of MoBeauty Supply Vending will appear in future seasons. The show follows along as these established business mavens break down what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs. Their message is one of positivity, motivation, and encouragement.

Camille and Maureen are well known for their passion and talent for networking with other entrepreneurs and helping them to level up their businesses. They strive to connect themselves and other entrepreneurs in a way that allows everyone to succeed. Their tips, advice, and encouraging words are aspirational for men and women alike. This season features twelve successful black female entrepreneurs and the businesses they've built. Future seasons will build on the show with diverse and dynamic cast members from different industries.

When creating the new show Camille’s driving force was positivity in business. She has chosen a grounded tree to represent the I’m the Entrepreneurs Social Connect brand. “The tree has roots in the ground which represents the fact that we are all connected in some way,” explains Camille.

“As the tree strengthens & grows, it branches out and flourishes. As connections are made amongst this empowering population of female & male CEOs, Social Media Influencers, Small business owners, etc; each individual’s advice on the show provides seeds into the ground and once the seeds are planted, other trees begin to grow. Eventually, if we allow enough time and nurturing behaviors, a forest of trees will form. This forest represents the I’m the Entrepreneurs Social Connect franchise and the future generation of entrepreneurs we hope to inspire.”

The co-creators are very appreciative of BLKGTV owner Danielle Walker for taking a chance on the new show. This is the first television show on the market that focus on the entrepreneur through a lens of positivity and connection. The show also significantly focuses on promoting the importance of building generational wealth.

Camille added, “our guests explain their journey; the good, bad and ugly. This valuable information including how they are connected helps to create an open forum for communication & growth without the fear of being in competition with one another. The truth is, there is room in our forest for all of us to grow & be successful.”

Make sure to tune in to the full first season of "I’m the Entrepreneurs Social Connect" on Dec. 10th, 2022 on the BLKGTV app

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