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Retail Consultants YRC outlines a few underestimated elements in hypermarket business modelling for the UAE market

Retail Consultants YRC outlines a few underestimated elements in hypermarket business modelling for the UAE market

Retail Consultants YRC outlines a few underestimated elements in hypermarket business modelling for the UAE market

YRC is a retail and eCommerce consulting enterprise with a budding presence in the UAE.

YRC is a Management Consulting Company, especially for the B-C Sector. Empowering Retail & E-commerce businesses.”
— Nikhil Agarwal
DUBAI, DUBAI, DUBAI, September 29, 2022 / -- In 10 years of experience, YRC has worked with more than 500 clients spanning more than twenty verticals. In this communiqué, YRC outlines a few underestimated elements in hypermarket business modelling for Dubai and the UAE market.

Striking out innovation for the sake of ‘playing safe’

If a new business comes and does the same things the same way as others, it will end up heading in the same direction. The UAE’s retail space is a hallmark of innovation. There are many favourable factors for this. And businesses are expected to make use of these favourable factors. They are expected to shine out and do something no one has done before. Innovation could be in any element of the business model. A new hypermarket can choose to play its cards differently.

Not keeping an eye on emerging technologies

Technology is capable of changing the fate of businesses. Hypermarkets are no exception. The business model that is working today may become redundant tomorrow. And it need not be because of value propositions becoming redundant. It could be a key partner also who could be affected by new technologies and they would longer have commercial reasons to remain associated with a business. And keeping the latest and relevant technologies separated from the hypermarket business model in the UAE’s retail landscape is not sustainable for too long.

Not being omnichannel in true sense

Online delivery combined with in-store shopping is only a fragment of being an omnichannel brand. And these features have become so commonplace that it is now a part and parcel of retailing except for eCommerce-only businesses. To become truly omnichannel, hypermarkets need to unify the online and offline shopping journeys of customers. For instance, an in-store customer may seek that they get an electronic version of their shopping bill instead of a printout. The POS software needs to have the technological capabilities to do that. As a part of a defined job, the employee deployed at the billing counter needs to ask the customer in what format s/he needs the bill. Becoming truly omnichannel also entails building the back-end operational system accordingly. Before starting a hypermarket business in the UAE, these subtle aspects cannot be ignored in a competitive retail environment like that of the UAE. Sometimes it becomes perplexing even for experienced retail and eCommerce consultants to correct things in retrospect.

Loopholes in IT solutions

Any contemporary hypermarket business cannot afford to stay away from implementing and using the best-fit IT solutions. Not doing so could put them on the back foot both in terms of meeting the operational requirements and delivering a superior customer experience. Today, the idea of a hypermarket business model is incomplete without the requisite ecosystem of business applications. And if a hypermarket business wants to secure the best-fit solutions, it will need to first identify and define its operational requirements in crystal-clear terms. Only then it becomes possible to choose and customise the IT applications that could meet its business requirements. As an online business consulting enterprise with expertise in SOP development ( ) , YRC maintains that defining processes is a helpful strategy for identifying and customising the required software solutions.

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