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Avinash Phipps of The Sattva Institute to be Featured on Close Up Radio

BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2022 / -- Throughout our lives we will all grapple with challenges and struggles that woefully can lead to a joyless existence. Maybe you’re mending a broken heart, facing painful childhood wounds, or going through a bad breakup. When it becomes too overwhelming instead of seeking help most people try to numb their pain by self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, addiction to social media, television and other distractions. Fortunately, one of the secrets to a great life is through the miraculous ancient healing modalities or “alternative medicine,” serving as a long-lasting catalyst for significant sustainable change and transformation. You will become empowered, lighthearted, attain greater peace, and fall in love with life again.

Avinash, along with his partner Punitama Phipps are the founders of The Sattva Institute for Transformation integrating Western Psychological models and Eastern Philosophy and Mindfulness work for overall holistic health and healing.

“My work within the psychology of consciousness, the awareness of ourselves and the world around us, is based on the fact that at our very core we are all healthy beings but we have these barriers that keeps us disconnected from our own authentic happiness. Through my unique teachings from mindfulness techniques, mediation, and trauma resolution. Through the unique teachings of mindfulness, meditation, and trauma resolution I bring more consciousness, wholeness, and wellness into your life. By uncovering personality blocks you will feel more energetic and literally improve your mental and physical health achieving harmony and balance mind, body, and spirit.”

Recent scientific evidence supports the fact that mindfulness meditation helps us resolve trauma. Avinash emphasizes that his distinctive unique approach is not external, based on the world around us, but who we really are internally. In fact, he says, our personalities are based on masks, because we are living in superficiality since our past conditionings, beliefs, worries, and anxieties block us from experiencing who we really are because we generally “act” as society expects us to causing us to feel lost and disconnected.

“During these particularly dark times this work we offer is the antidote to so many people struggling with tremendous fear and anxiety. If we hurt ourselves with drugs we become out of touch with our authentic selves. The work we offer through Sattva helps people to process pain, and anxiety and offers tools to support our people in becoming their genuine magnificent selves by getting in touch with who they are at our deepest core. This helps us regain a sense of purpose so we live with kindness, empathy, and joy.”

As a sought-after group leader meditation mentor, much of Avinash’s teachings are done through his engaging workshops, seminar and individual sessions where he teaches a variety of modalities like self-exploration and Breath and Trauma Release.

Modalities like mindfulness, meditation, and trauma resolution has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity in the past decade. That’s because engaging in the wonder of meditation and mindfulness has proven to brings us more to the present which encourages us to process our emotions, see things from different perspectives so we can better experience tough times, and connect to life and others with more kindness, empathy, and understanding.

He reminds us healing is within us all. We have to make the effort to do the work.

Avinash encourages us to create a whole planet of joyful, caring, and generous people.

“We all face adversity and grief but we can manage these issues when we are physically and emotionally healthy and whole. My ultimate life mission is helping as many people as I can to recognize and embrace self- awareness, be good to each other, and better adapt to life’s changes. When we make a conscious effort to embrace health and wellness, we change our lives for the better.”

Close Up Radio will feature Avinash Phipps in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Thursday September 29th at 12pm EST

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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