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26 States Rise Up to Save & Love Wild Horses on Public Lands Day

The Guest of Honor Olaf poses to give and receive love, with Jackie Oliveri, at N.Y.'s Bellmore Street Festival. Olaf is a miniature horse with a gigantic spirit saved from slaughter, inspiring all he meets to ban horse slaughter export and treat all horses humanely!

The rescued herd of 20 wild horses, running free!! This is made possible by the many people, who love wild horses, and wild lands!!

At Arizona's rally Lynda Logan and Lana Verplank, amongst banners, and handouts to save the horses, core members of A.W.E., and supporters of L.W.H.

We are trying to save wild horses lives, that are being held, and heading to the kill-slaughter house. The horses are sacred to the Lakota people, saving them, is very important to our culture.”
— Chief Lee Plenty Wolf
CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2022 / -- The last of the free-roaming global warming preventing wild horses as a species are too quickly disappearing from the Wild West. Tragically, after the horses' removal and capture, many horses are winding up in livestock auctions, purchased by kill buyers, and exported for slaughter in other countries. This past weekend rallies took place in 26 States to rise and protect American icons of freedom, and wild lands, on public lands day.

A movement is quickly growing to close U.S. borders to horse slaughter export and return the at-risk, approximately 70,000 Bureau of Land Management incarcerated wild horses back to the public, state, private, and tribal lands to benefit all stakeholders. To save the last of the wild horses from brutal suffering and be granted to perform their essential role as native keystone species in protecting grassland ecosystems and surrounding communities from climate change and wildfires.

Exciting and first-of-their-kind supported wild equine land healing studies are beginning with launching Love Wild Horses' climate change and wildfire protection study in North Eastern Nevada on Earth Day. The California not-for-profit rescues the slaughter-bound horses and places them back on vast grassland acreage to roam forever safe and free and to heal and protect the land.

On September 16th, five rescued at-risk native horses arrived to complete the herd of 20 wild horses, who are participating in helping support and heal 480 acres of protected land. Humboldt County College of the Redwood's Professor of Native American and Environmental Studies and Yale P.h.D. graduate Cintra Agee is heading up the L.W.H. land healing studies. L.W.H.'s study is now in phase 3, planting a forest of 12 native trees to help the soil retain moisture and provide shade for the herd, seeding native grasses and the herd's natural fertilizing and re-seeding native grasses and flora. Since the first three rescued at-risk wild horses arrived, their heads are held high, their demeanors are calm, and their coats, manes, muscular development, and overall health are shining bright with strength and vibrancy.

L.W.H.'s vision is to create five supported equine rewilding healing land studies in five varying climate areas in the West. The Nonprofit is seeking more healing land partnerships for the benefit of all stakeholders. The connection between the value wild horses gift back for our wild lands and humanity to thrive is crucial to understand to save them from unnecessary removal, slaughter, and extinction, and our wild grasslands before it's too late.

The U.S.D.A. reports YTD, 10,428 horses have shipped for slaughter to Mexico. Thousands of the B.L.M. captured horses live in unnatural wasteland-like facilities. Many mustangs, rather than ever being adopted, are winding up in livestock auctions and are sadly purchased by kill buyers. Many horses suffer, and thousands face export for brutal slaughter to Mexico, Canada, and Japan.

There is a chance to ban the transport of domestic and wild horses for slaughter, but the window of opportunity may only be briefly open. On September 23rd, shockingly, a handful of pro-horse slaughter Veterinarians sent a letter to the House Committee of Energy & Commerce, claiming that slaughtering horses is a form of humane euthanasia. This minority group's rogue action seemingly influenced the E.&C. Committee to not markup the S.A.F.E. Act HR 3355 to the House floor for a vote. However, there is still time to help save the S.A.F.E. Act and America's horses from slaughter! A former U.S.D.A. Chief Inspector, Lester Friedlander D.V.M. "Equine slaughter is not humane euthanasia. The slaughter of horses and other equines simply cannot be humane." -Citizens Against Equine Slaughter.

"The outreach for the day was AMAZING! The reception from the general public was they were HORRIFIED that our government allows our domestic and wild horses to be exported across our borders for slaughter when #HorseSlaughter is already banned here in the U.S. People did not hesitate to sign the letter to New York's House Representative and Senators to let them know that their constituents want the SAFE Act HR 3355 & S.2732 PASSED! #passthesafeact "The Guest of Honor Olaf poses to give and receive love, with Jackie Oliveri, at N.Y.'s Bellmore Street Festival. Olaf is a miniature horse with a gigantic spirit saved from slaughter, inspiring all he meets to ban horse slaughter export and treat all horses humanely!" ~Jackie Oliveri, Co-Founder of Nationwide Wild Horse Freedom Rallies, a volunteer, Advocates for Wild Equines, and a volunteer National Coordinator for the nonprofit Love Wild Horses.

"Rewilding our equines will support a balanced ecosystem and a healthier planet, whereas transporting equines to slaughter echoes the "throw-away" mentality that governs industrialization, extraction, and plastic use which contributes to the degradation of the ecosystem and the planet. Pass the SAFE Act and solve the problem, rather than creating more problems for future generations."
~ Lorna Torrey Palermo, Founder of A.W.E., Advocates for Wild Equines

How people can help:
Calling all Veterinarians, organizations, and individuals who are opposed to horse slaughter and export of horses to barbaric slaughter to express their opinion: To the House on Energy & Commerce Committee to move the SAFE Act forward; to allow Congressional Representatives of America to decide if they will stand with 80% of Americans to move the S.A.F.E. Act forward for a vote- to save tens of thousands of horses, ponies, and burros, from being trucked to slaughter, in other countries, when here in America we do not slaughter horses, because Americans banned the gruesome inhumane practice, long ago.

Support Love Wild Horses' Equine Rewilding Healing Land Studies, volunteer, partner, or donate land, or funding, and Contact your Congress Representatives, and Senators, to ban the export of horses for slaughter, stop the roundups, Thank You!

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Love Wild Horses
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