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Kixie Launches Software to Avoid Showing Up as “Scam Likely” on Caller ID

A chart detailing the variables that will help vs. hurt a phone number's spam likely score.

Calling Variables That Affect "Scam Likely" Score

With ConnectionBoost, outbound sales teams can reach a higher connection rate with prospects by avoiding showing up as "Scam Likely" on caller ID.

SANTA MONICA, CA, USA, September 28, 2022 / -- Kixie, makers of the PowerCall sales engagement platform and outbound sales dialer, announced today a new tool for sales teams. ConnectionBoost is a three-in-one suite of tools that helps outbound sales teams reach a higher connection rate with prospects by reducing the number of calls that show up as “Spam Likely” or “Scam Likely” on caller ID.

ConnectionBoost relies on AI to calculate a score for phone numbers used by sales teams that reflects the likelihood of the number showing up on caller ID as spam or scam. It’s like a credit score for phone numbers, indicating the risk of a number showing up as spam the same way a credit score indicates the risk of an individual not paying back a loan. All major cell carriers in the US have their own scores for each phone number, influenced by factors such as number history, ratio of outbound to inbound calls, and length of connected calls. ConnectionBoost taps into this by using available data from major cellphone carriers and running its own number tests to estimate a “Spam Likely” score for all phone numbers in the Kixie database.

Sales teams using ConnectionBoost can enjoy many features and benefits, including:

- Up to 400% higher connection rate with new prospects
- Access to over 50,000 local phone numbers in the US and abroad
- Automatic spam number removal and replacement at no extra cost

ConnectionBoost is available now, as an add-on to any Kixie calling plan, which start at $65/mo, per user. For more information on ConnectionBoost, visit

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