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image of a photo of a young boy hockey player turned into fancy artwork and hung on a living room wall

Instantly and easily turn any picture into thousands of stunning artworks

Coloromo's AI-enhanced image-to-art artified kid playing hockey, printed on canvas and hanging on living room wall

High resolution images are great for printing artwork too

Artificial Intelligence-driven software instantly transforms a single image into thousands of stunning artworks.

With Coloromo we have given the opportunity for anyone, with any level of expertise, to truly have an incredible experience making art.”
— Patrick Tardif, CEO
SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, September 27, 2022/ -- Coloromo, a new technology company bridging art and artificial intelligence, proudly announced their public launch today. The Coloromo website allows users to easily upload any photo and immediately transforms it into thousands of stunning, curated, proprietarily AI-generated works of art. Effects range from traditional art to neons, mosaics, futuristic metals and materials and much more, populating almost instantly and differentiating themselves from other players in the field.

The project has been in stealth mode for over a year, as the team worked to create their own technology for their AI engine, including thousands of different textures, patterns, styles, mediums and more. “It was really a labor of love,” says co-founder and COO Kristen Kuhns. “When a user uploads one image, we show them back thousands of artistic versions of that image and they are simply blown away. It's a great tool for the average consumer, as well as artists, graphic designers, marketers and beyond.”

The platform seeks to make the very complex technology of AI-generated and AI-enhanced images incredibly quick and simple to operate. “From the beginning we knew that we wanted our platform to be fast, and very easy to use,” says co-founder and CEO Patrick Tardif. “With Coloromo we have given the opportunity for anyone, with any level of expertise, to truly have an incredible experience making art. By using their own images with our styles, not only is the outputted art more meaningful to the user, but we grant users their own copyrights, which resolves many of the ownership issues in the AI-art space today.”

Currently, the website offers users the option to download super high-resolution files of their work (big enough to be printed on a billboard), or order prints on a variety of mediums including canvas, posters and more. The site is the fastest on the market in generating art outputs, with no registration required, and no complicated software to download or learn. The company plans to continue to roll out more products as they expand. In addition to the consumer-facing platform, there are plans in the works for a robust, professional platform for artists and brand power-users seeking to create at scale.

About Coloromo
Coloromo turns your photos into amazing artwork. Founded in 2021 by a diverse team of experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning and physical and digital art, the company is the first of its kind to create an incredibly simple, easy to use interface to create dazzling art from photos in mere seconds, using thousands of various proprietary effects. For more information, please visit .

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Coloromo Launches World's Fastest AI-Enhanced Image-To-Art Generator