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The 13th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum kicks off on 28 September, with event scale grown by 20%

MACAU, September 26 - The 13th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (IIICF), which is jointly organised by the China International Contractors Association and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), is going to take place in Macao from 28 to 29 September. More than 1,300 political, business and academic leading figures in the infrastructure field from all over the world will attend the Forum. With an approximate 20% increase in its scale compared to last year, this year’s IIICF aims to promote the connectivity and co-operation within the international infrastructure industry.

The organisers held a press conference today (26 September), where Chairman of the China International Contractors Association Fang Qiuchen and Acting President of IPIM Vincent U introduced the preoperational work for the Forum.

20% Growth in scale, providing all-round support

With the theme “Co-building Infrastructure of High Standard, Sustainability and Benefit to People’s Livelihoods”, the 13th IIICF will gather more than 1,300 participants, including leaders and executives from government departments, 20 financial institutions, more than 70 of the world’s top 250 international contractors, and more than 600 enterprises in the infrastructure industry and its industry chain from different regions of the world. Live streaming of videos and images will be available online, so as to enhance the interaction between enterprises, investors, project managers and participants at the Forum.

Compared with last year, this year’s IIICF sees an approximate 20% increase in its scale. The Forum will bring together different enterprises in the industry and the industry chain thereof. To provide all-round support for participating enterprises, the Forum will set up business matching and meeting areas, where enterprises can showcase their projects or services, connect with prospective partners and conduct business meetings.

An international event featuring financial innovation, green and low-carbon development, and diversity

During the press conference, Fang Qiuchen said that the discussion topics and activities at the Forum are all designed with the aim of motivating the industry to carry out international infrastructure co-operation at a higher level and for higher quality, to promote the implementation of the “Global Development Initiative”, and to strengthen the synergies between the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the “Global Development Initiative”.

In addition, the Belt and Road Infrastructure Development Index and Report (2022) will be released on the first day of IIICF, which will provide scientific reference data and guidance on trends in the field of international infrastructure co-operation, as well as new trends and new characteristics in the infrastructure industry around the world. A launch ceremony for the “International Infrastructure Sustainability Promotion Mechanism” will also be held. The Mechanism serves to guide and promote the industry to carry out more sustainable infrastructure projects.

Promoting Macao’s MICE industry online and offline  

According to Vincent U expressed that this year’s IIICF will feature more Macao’s local elements by means including online and offline activities to promote Macao’s MICE industry, so as to promote the advantages of Macao’s MICE environment, strengthen exchanges between event organisers and the Macao MICE industry, build a platform for the MICE industry to link up with other industries, and enhance the “Industries + MICE” collaboration. In addition, it is hoped that IIICF can help attract high-end customers to Macao, who can not only boost the development of infrastructure-related industries, but also benefit the MICE industry and the peripheral sectors, and stimulate Macao’s consumption market.

Guangdong-Macao Intensive Co-operation Zone in Hengqin to set up booth at the event

With the Guangdong-Macao Intensive Co-operation Zone in Hengqin inaugurated on 17 September 2021, IIICF this year has invited the Urban Planning and Construction Bureau in charge of the Co-operation Zone to set up a booth at the Forum to showcase some of the projects in the Co-operation Zone and their latest developments.

Highlighting SMEs and promoting sustainable development

The organisers have specially modified the programme of the 13th IIICF to highlight the small- and medium-sized enterprises. For instance, there will be a parallel forum on strengthening the infrastructure co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, facilitating the recovery of small- and medium-sized enterprises, which will focus on the development of SMEs in Macao, Mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries, discuss how to enhance the competitiveness and innovation capabilities of enterprises, and supporting the recovery and sustainable development of SMEs.

The 13th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum is the first large international MICE event organised by IPIM this year. To guarantee the health and safety of participants in the Forum, the organisers will strictly implement anti-pandemic measures based on the health authorities’ guidelines on pandemic prevention and control, as well as the suggestions given by international MICE organisations, including temperature checks and venue disinfection.    

Since 2012, IIICF has been held in Macao for ten consecutive years. For more information about this year’s IIICF, please visit:。