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Software Executive, Jim Nivette, continues his 20-year commitment to the Veterans Administration by various donations

Jim Nivette

Software executive Jim Nivette is proud to announce that he and his team recently donated to the Veterans Administration a

ORANGE COUNTY, CA, UNITED STATES, September 26, 2022 / -- Software executive Jim Nivette is proud to announce that he and his team recently donated to the Veterans Administration and have donated to the VA for well over 20 years.

Nivette's dedication to donating to Veterans Administration has a lot to do with his love for the country and our troops' excellent job keeping us all safe. Nivette is aware that it is only by keeping the Veterans Administration strong that we can motivate more people to join our military and protect us from the many threats our nation faces at any given time.

While Nivette always deeply respected our troops, it got even stronger after the September 11 attacks. Nivette intends to double down on donations to multiple courses that support our troops going into the future.

Besides donating to courses supporting our troops, Nivette is involved in many other noble endeavors helping improve society. For instance, in recent years, Nivette has contributed countless hours of service to various courses that support homeless families. His donations alongside those of other like-minded people have helped feed and give a roof to a lot of families that would otherwise be exposed to the elements.

Nivette's philanthropic works are supported by a stellar career in software that spans more than two decades. Back in the 1990s, Nivette studied to be a social worker. However, with the dotcom boom at the time, Nivette believed there was a chance for him to join the tech boom. His efforts saw him land a job at Business Objects Americas. He grew from there, and in 2020 after the pandemic decided to venture out on his own. He had already accumulated all the experience he could need, having dealt with companies of all sizes, including Fortune 25 companies..

It is this success that he is leveraging to expand his philanthropic activities, including increasing the amount that he is donating to Veterans Administration. While 2022 has been challenging for the business world due to high-interest rates, and the war in Ukraine, Jim Nivette is optimistic that by 2023, things will have stabilized. He believes that businesses will have factored in most of the uncertainty they are dealing with at the moment. This means more potential business for consultants like himself and, by extension, the ability to make even more significant donations to noble courses such as those he has been making to the Veteran Administration.

Jim Nivette is an independent software executive with more than 20 years of experience. During his career that spans top organizations like SAP, Nivette has earned multiple awards, including the Consultant of Year award, the Professional Services Award, and the Consultant of the Year award, all at Business Objects America. Jim Nivette is highly revered in the industry for his skills and deep commitment to clients whenever he takes up a job.

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