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Andy Vermaut: "We need to push the United Nations to retain the underlying ideas that it was founded on"

Andy Vermaut asks out loud if the UN General Assembly should give a stage to people who plan and carry out a coup in their own country.

It is inconceivable for me that the United Nations would give a mass murderer and architect of genocide in Sudan a podium.”
— Andy Vermaut, World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 / -- War criminal Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan Abdel-Rahman, who was responsible for a coup and genocide in Sudan in October 25 2021, will reportedly address the United Nations General Assembly meeting this morning 22/09/2022 in New York City. Andy Vermaut, who serves as the president of the World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue, believes that this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. Andy Vermaut claims that authoritarian regimes and nations that take a strong position on issues often work together to advance UN resolutions. This makes it possible to attract attention from all over the world to issues that do not fundamentally alter anything and but often serve to perpetuate evil. Andy Vermaut considers this to be one of the most basic issues with the way that the United Nations operates in the modern day.

The press release sent out yesterday by the press office of Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan Abdel-Rahman reads really smoothly. One would think, no doubt, that this is a legitimate leader. Andy Vermaut:"I quote:"Lieutenant-General Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan Abdel-Rahman, President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, arrived this evening in New York, to participate in the work of the seventy-seventh session of the United Nations General Assembly. His Excellency is scheduled to deliver Sudan's address to the UN General Assembly on Thursday, September 22, and will also participate in high-level meetings to discuss the strengthening of multilateral cooperation with regard to various international and regional issues in addition to the challenges facing the international community such as climate change and the food crisis and its consequences, especially on developing and least developed countries. On the sidelines of the 77th session, the President of the Sovereign Council will meet with a number of presidents of different countries of the world and representatives of international and regional organizations, to discuss the ways of bilateral cooperation and the role of multilateral cooperation within the framework of the United Nations to build a more stable future.""

Fundamental principle?
Andy Vermaut is worried about this situation: "What legitimacy does Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan have as a head of government when he came to power through a bloody coup and then brutally suppressed his opponents? I find it illogical for the United Nations to grant legitimacy to the one who carries out a coup after it has already taken place. This is undoubtedly contrary to every fundamental principle of fairness and justice. The fact that delegates from all nations can speak to each other at the United Nations has always been one of my favorite aspects of the organization. Should we tolerate those led by dictators with blood on their hands who have staged a coup to seize power? Is he or she a true head of state? My opinion is that we should not deal with the head of state of a country that came to power through the use of brute force and seizing control of the military rather than through democratic elections. The inefficiency of the United Nations is an issue that needs to be addressed here. However, I know that one of their main objectives has always been to maintain open lines of communication with all parties involved in Sudan, but this does not add value to the UN if it wants to look itself in the mirror with open eyes. Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan is the main person responsible for staging a coup in Sudan, what haven't they understood in New York?"

Incompatible with values of the United Nations
Andy Vermaut is furious:"Is this an individual who therefore should be in command of a nation and can attach United Nations legitimacy to that? This person is in no way a legitimate leader of Sudan; nevertheless, he has taken de facto control of the situation by organizing a genocide, committing war crimes and the terrible oppression of the population. Should someone who violates human rights come and speak publicly and be invited by the UN? Even if that person is a dictator, even if it is a leader who has gallon after gallon of blood on his hands, you still should not support him, other people tell me that one of the primary values of the United Nations is to engage in discussion with people with whom one disagrees. I think very differently about that. I think we should have taken this very opportunity today to call attention to the situation in Sudan; yet I do not understand why this person is allowed access to the UN buildings in New York at all. He remains incompatible with every conceivable concept. It is inconceivable that the United Nations would give a mass murderer and architect of genocide in Sudan a podium. More than a decade has passed since the beginning of the civil war, and last October Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan took power in that country after a brutal coup and murdered the last shred of innocence of those who still believed in him. Since then, he has been killing anyone who tries to oppose him. This person does not have the authority to represent Sudan in any way. Anyone who comes to power by force is not fit to represent the people and certainly already not in international forums such as the United Nations. Sudan desperately needs peace and democracy, but I fear that the coup leader does not possess these qualities. Through a narrative of racism and prejudice that he promotes and advocates, this person will only fuel the existing tribal problems in Sudan. He will not bring reconciliation in that country or end the existing tribal conflicts. This despot must be dealt with. The United Nations missed its chance today. This is beyond my comprehension. Sudan desperately needs peace and order, but first and foremost this despot must be removed from power. We must urge the United Nations to uphold its core ideals. Some extremist organizations claim to be human rights organizations. They often end up supporting terrorists or dictatorships. Several hundred human rights organizations should be disbanded in Geneva, in my opinion, because they simply do not care about human rights, but neither should the UN in New York give a forum to people who have committed coups.," explains Andy Vermaut.

In light of the current situation at the United Nations and in Sudan, Andy Vermaut will meet with Manel Msalmi, head of the European Association for the Defense of Minorities, tonight to discuss next steps in the fight against injustice. During this discussion, we will discuss what steps may be taken to address this injustice.

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