6clicks releases the H2 2022 Ultimate GRC Software Evaluation Guide

GRC software tool evaluation guide

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GRC software tool evaluation guide

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6clicks, releases their GRC software guide following industry research and is used by thousands of GRC professionals to find software that meets their needs.

If you think GRC implementation is complex, you are right. But while using GRC software to simplify GRC is a great idea, choosing the right software is also a complex task in its own right!”
— Anthony Stevens
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, September 21, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- GRC technology has come a long way since its inception. The advancement of technology was driven by necessity. What was first developed as isolated software solutions to manage different aspects of governance, risk management, and compliance, developed into full-service platforms that unify GRC activities. With AI and automation making an appearance on the GRC scene, we have comprehensive solutions that help organisations streamline GRC implementation.

Finding the perfect GRC software
Technology has advanced considerably over the last decade. Yet, many organisations still rely on old-school techniques of using shared drives spreadsheets, and word documents to manage risk assessments, audits, and reports. (Read: 5 reasons why spreadsheets don’t work for managing risk assessments). But while this is true, many organisations are making the switch to GRC software.

If you think GRC implementation is complex, you are right. But while using GRC software to simplify GRC is a great idea, choosing the right software is also a complex task in its own right!

To be honest, most GRC software solutions use obsolete technologies that take away their effectiveness. The fast-paced GRC evolution needs to you choose future-ready solutions.

This is why we have prepared a comprehensive checklist for you to refer to while choosing the right GRC software. It lists down all the features you need in a GRC platform. Want to check it out? Head over to our guide.

It includes all aspects of GRC from risk assessments and incident management to documentation and analytics.

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About 6clicks and GRC
6clicks has been a leading provider of GRC software solutions helping organizations significantly reduce resource wastage and increase ROI on GRC implementation. The 6clicks platform brings the convenience of managing all activities related to GRC from a single platform.

With our massive content library integrated with the platform, creating content, and using it consistently throughout the organization becomes easier than ever. The unique Hub & Spoke architecture by 6clicks hugely simplifies GRC operations for large enterprises with multiple departments or subsidiaries. And the cherry on the cake is Hailey, the 6clicks AI engine that scans thousands of pages of regulatory and legal requirements to make GRC execution in sync with the latest requirements.

We keep a tab on the latest developments and trends in the GRC industry and also act upon the feedback provided by our users to further improve the platform. 6clicks gives you the advantage of being an early adopter of the latest in GRC technology to get a competitive advantage.

If this sounds exciting, get in touch with us for a free demo of our platform.

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