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Lila Solnick of Whole Heart Alchemy to be Featured on Close Up Radio

WAUCONDA, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2022 / -- Traumatic events are inevitable and will happen to us all, from experiencing the loss of those we love, being in a terrible accident, the breakup of a relationship, or physical and mental abuse. Any of these incidents, depending on how our mind and body react to it, can leave us feeling distraught, overwhelmed, shocked, and broken. Tragically, many of us seek relief through addictive behaviors like drinking, drugs, overuse of social media, video games, television, etc. Or we can take to striking out in anger or going into a state of depression. Talk therapy can help but can take years to process. How can we genuinely recover so we can find long lasting relief to live with happiness, abundance, and not just survive but thrive?

Lila Solnick is a Certified Emotion Code® and Body Code™ Practitioner and the owner of Whole Heart Alchemy.

“I help people release trapped emotional baggage picked up from any traumatic experience throughout their lives. Research supports the fact that, if left untreated, emotional trauma often negatively impacts our wellbeing. This makes us more susceptible to chronic health conditions, strokes, diabetes, and all types of debilitating diseases that can affect us years after the trauma has occurred. After all, our minds and bodies are connected and when we don’t heal from our emotional wounds it stops us from fully connecting with ourselves and others and living our best lives.”

The Emotion Code® and Body Code™ were created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor and medical intuitive. Dr. Nelson is one of the world’s most notable experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology. When he discovered that releasing trapped emotions allows the body to truly heal, he made it possible for every single one of us to live free from the physical and emotional wounds we experience in our daily lives.

Our struggles and problems cause us to feel emotionally and physically unwell. Emotions and energies create blocks in the body and subconscious mind. Our unresolved trauma becomes trapped in our bodies, and they are so powerful they even lead to transgenerational trauma if passed on to our children.

That’s why theses amazing healing modalities, The Emotion Code® and Body Code™, are powerful methods of releasing these blockages and allow for incredible healing.

With the Body Code™ Lila identifies and releases blocks and imbalances which are found in 6 key areas: Energies, Circuits and Systems, Toxins, Pathogens, Misalignments, Nutrition and Lifestyle. Based on the principle that our body has the innate ability to self-heal by tapping into this knowledge we find the imbalances, release the trapped energies, reset systems, and correct faulty connections. These are the root causes of our physical, mental, and emotional issues, so once we identify and release these imbalances, we trigger our extraordinary healing power.

It even brings remarkable health and well-being to our beloved fur babies and Lila absolutely recommends we use it on our loving animal companions.

Before becoming an energy practitioner, Lila faced devastating health problems when after suffering a stroke at 56 years old, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, severe lymphedema, and Lyme disease. Eventually, after unsuccessful attempts to get better through traditional medicine it dawned on her that her heart defects were really the consequence of failing to deal with her past emotional wounds and that it was taking an immense toll on her health. Once she began using the Emotion Code, Lila began to heal as she felt the releases and her heart opening. She knew it was her calling and purpose to do this amazing work for others.

The fact is, no matter how healthy we eat or how much we exercise, if we don’t deal with unresolved emotions, it can and will wreak havoc on us physically and mentally and today Lila has helped hundreds of people find relief and happiness just as she has.

“With all the physical challenges that I have endured, I have discovered that the medical system cannot truly heal me, only manage my pain.”

She says instead of following the path of merely managing various conditions, we can heal naturally and in the healthiest way possible. Our bodies have an amazing intelligence, and they know how to heal, if we don’t get in the way.

Lila emphasizes how we are all energetic multi-dimensional beings having a human experience. We create our physical health and mental condition by the thoughts and emotions we choose. By embracing elevated emotions, we can create wholeness and joy which will lead to health and wellbeing. This is a partnership, where the client takes responsibility for consciously changing their behaviors, thoughts, and emotions to maximize the potential of working together. The Emotion Code® and Body Code™ make this journey much easier and faster.

“No matter what we go through, we can all be liberated from our trauma and suffering and live fulfilled lives. Traditional medicine does not address the root cause of our health issues. There is no need for us to live in a shroud of unhealthy memories and negative energy. My work is meant to restore you back to the best health and you will radiate more positive energy and live the life of your dreams.”

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Written By: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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