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Ilan Ramon Delegation - International Space University

Israeli Opening & Closing Ceremonies ISU

Satellite Photo International Space University - 2022

lan Ramon Scholars have raised over $200 million dollars for space and technology over the last decade.”
— Michael Potter
STRASBOURG, FRANCE, September 22, 2022 / -- The Ilan Ramon Project for Innovation, Entrepreneurism & Space announces the graduation of five top scholars from 2022 Space Studies Program (SSP) of the International Space University (ISU) held in Oeiras, Portugal.

According to Ilan Ramon Scholarship project co-Founder, Daniel Rockberger, “We have been blessed with highly intelligent, talented and diverse scholars over the last two decades of the program." Michael Potter points out that “Ilan Ramon Scholars have raised over $200 million dollars for space and technology over the last decade.”

2022 scholars include:

Diego Saikin

He works as a Guidance, Navigation and Control Engineer at Astroscale, a company dedicated to space sustainability, where he develops algorithms for autonomous rendezvous and docking in orbit. He holds a B.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Ben Gurion University and an M.Sc. (with honors) from the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Rep. Diego also volunteered in SpaceIL for the Beresheet lunar mission as a software engineer.

Yakov Geltser

In 2021 Yakov started Masters degree in electro-optics specializing in deep learning and computer vision, and works on his thesis in the earth planetary imagery facility in Ben Gurion University, in the field of remote sensing, developing deep learning tools for BGUSAT - a nano satellite which was developed by the university. The main Interest for him is the use of mechanical systems backed by remote sensing to develop the option for sustainable space, which include the mitigation of space debris, space manufacturing and mining.

Arik Kacherginsky

Arik (Ariel) is a development manager in the field of space remote sensing at ISTAR division Elop, Elbit. He is leading the development of earth observation satellite camera systems, and scientific space optical telescopes (UV, IR and visible). Arik led numerus complex large-scale international and national projects, both in budget and staff. He oversees the development and manufacturing process while supporting customer relations. Arik holds a BSC in Electrical and electronics engineering and an executive MBA, summa cum laude, both from Ben Gurion University.

Chana Rose Hochman

Chana is the first woman to have ever come to SSP with her newborn daughter, relocating with her husband to Portugal for the intense 9 week program. With a BSc in Aerospace Engineering and MBA from TAU, Chana has over a decade of experience in the aerospace industry. Currently she works in the space sector at ISI ImageSat International where she has been a technical director, program manager and team lead. Of particular pride was leading the technical response of the space segment of a national space program from proposal to contract negotiations and signing, as well as program manager of a New Space satellite to be launched this year.

Raul Zimmerman

Master's Mechanical Engineering at the Technion, and a PhD in the field of solar energy from the University of New South Wales in Australia. For the past five years he has been developing Hall effect thrusters and working as a systems engineer for space electric propulsion systems. He mentors school children as a member of the Israeli Space Agency’s ‘Horizon’ community.

Rotem Barzilay

Rotem is Enthusiastic, Autodidact, and energetic, with a tremendous passion for learning and entrepreneurship. Space geek that loves our planet. CEO of Bar-light company, which develop and manufacturers smart solutions for the building industry. Wrote two books. The first one was published, and the second one will be published in Sep 2022. Co- inventor of PCT, Bsc, Computer Science

Idan Bar

Chief Digital Officer, Israeli Air force IAF 2020-Present Head of UAV and reconnaissance systems, IAF 2017-2020 Head of SIGINT operational sector, IAF 2015-2017 Deputy flying squadron commander - Intelligence Squadron, IAF 2009-2010 Flight Academy’s flight instructor, IAF 2006-2008 Operational pilot - Air refueling squadron, IAF 2004-2006 Operational pilot - Intelligence squadron, IAF 2002-2004 EDUCATION: Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel Master of Business Administration - Executive MBA 2017-2019 HIT – Holon Institute of Technology, Holon, Israel Bachelor of Industrial design.

Andrei Kolin:

MSc in math, worked in a row of Israeli start-ups, on algorithms in fields from communications and signal processing, to natural language processing, to image processing and computer vision. During that time also finished MSc in Economics. Worked with Apple on Lidar and FaceID features, which since then became daily used by billions. Now working on orbits and system engineering of Beresheet-2 - Israel’s second (private) moon probe.

Sapir Lazar

She is a Research Manager at StemRad. StemRad is an Israeli American start-up company that develops and manufactures personal protective equipment (PPE) against ionizing radiation in the field of nuclear plants, space industry, and medical teams. Sapir is involved in the R&D of the company's expanding products pipeline and manages the collaboration with Made in Space. Sapir holds a Bachelor of Science degree.

Shenhav Lazarovich

In 2014, we successfully launched Duchifat-1 – the first successfully launched high-school programmed satellite. I currently work as a data science team leader. Our team focuses on space related data science projects, aimed at making better business decisions in the satellite industry.

Max Schlussel

Current works as a system and algorithms engineer for ImageSat Intl. While working on different projects, he has also learned from many fascinating fields such as machine learning and computer vision. He is excited to continue his education in the Aerospace and related fields.

About The Ilan Ramon Scholarship Project for Innovation Entrepreneurism & Space

The scholarship project provides scholarship funding for talented Israeli post-graduate students to attend the Summer Space Studies Program at the International Space University (ISU). Over 80 Ilan Ramon Scholarships have been awarded over the past decade, allowing these scholars to join the global space community and ecosystem.

Members of the Board of Advisors include Astronauts, Dr. Garrett Reisman, of USC, and Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman, a professor at both MIT and the International Space University.

The Scholarship project for the ISU Space Studies 2023 ( SSP23) is currently seeking funding to send talented scholars tol be held in São José dos Campos, Brazil from 26 June to 25 August 2023.

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