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Fraser Allport, Fiduciary, announces his new Workshop: "The 10 Minute Tax Tune-Up"

40 Years of Experience

Experience Matters.

Serving Clients since 1982

40 Years of Experience

Fraser Allport, Fiduciary, announces his new Workshop : The 10 Minute Tax Tune-Up

All Knowledge comes from Experience. ”
— Albert Einstein
DAYTONA BEACH SHORES, FL, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2022 / -- Fraser Allport, Fiduciary, offers his Educational Workshop for Income Tax Planning: “ The 10 Minute Tax-Tune-Up ”

"Income Tax Planning made easy for Individuals and Business Owners: How to Stop Needlessly Over-Paying Income Taxes."

Throughout History, The Smart Money knows that it is not how much Money one earns.
The key is how much Money a person gets to keep.

Managing one's Money and Taxes is a skill-set that is learned. It's a choice to get proactive and get involved in one's taxes instead of just blindly paying them.

Managing Money is different than Making Money. What's the point of working hard to make money, and then mismanage your hard-earned savings by overpaying your Income Taxes due to simple neglect?

Income Taxes are The Forever Bill. They never amortize or end. Taxpayers will pay Income Taxes even after they are dead, on their final Tax Return.

That says it all.

Income Taxes may often be The Largest Single Expense in a person's Life. What other bill devours 20% to 40% of everything that a person earns, until the day that they die?

Think on this: What other bill does a person over-pay in their Life, and without even questioning it?
But many people over-pay their Income Taxes annually, without questioning their tax bills' accuracy.

Income Taxes are a Variable Expense. Income Taxes can, and must, be proactively managed. It’s very simple: Learn what’s in the IRS Code for that person's particular situation and benefit.

Fraser's 10 Minute Tax Tune-Up does that. Think that you are over-paying Income Taxes? Find out by taking Fraser Allport’s simple“ TEN MINUTE TAX TUNE-UP ”.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Fraser Allport at, or call Fraser at 386.882.6256

The sad fact is that many Individuals and Business Owners may needlessly be overpaying their Income Taxes, simply because they do not avail themselves of all that is available to them in the IRS Code. Knowledge is Power: Find out what's in the IRS Code that could benefit that person and their Business.

Individuals may also needlessly be over-paying their Social Security taxes, as well as premiums for Medicare Parts B and D.

Fraser’s proprietary 10 Minute Tax Tune-Up is only eight questions. In 10 minutes, Fraser will know if a person is needlessly overpaying their Income Taxes, and how to remedy that. All the answers are in the IRS Code. Learn and utilize what’s available to every Taxpayer … right in the IRS Code. Just follow The Law

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Fraser Allport at, or call Fraser at 386.882.6256.

Fraser's Workshop has a simple message :
Many people over-pay their Income Taxes for one simple reason: They are not aware of all of their available tax deductions in the IRS Code.

Thus, many Individuals and Business Owners may be over-paying their Income Taxes … Needlessly.

But the remedy to overpaying is very simple: Learn what's in the IRS Code. Learn The Law. Then just Follow The Law.
Every legitimate Income Tax deduction and credit is right in the IRS Code in black and white. There is no grey. IRS Code sections are easily verified online.

Income Taxes are a Variable Expense. Income Taxes can, and must, be proactively managed. Fraser's message is common sense and clear-cut : Learn what’s in the IRS Code for that person's particular situation.

Fraser's 10 Minute Tax Tune-Up helps a person understand what's available to them in the IRS Code, and if they are needlessly over-paying their Income Taxes.

Needlessly over-paying Income Taxes is the ultimate in Wasting Money.
It's like burning Money. Stop needlessly over-paying the IRS.

Don't over-pay Income Taxes.
Pay The Right Amount.

How ? It's simple :
Get proactive and involved.
Learn what's available in The IRS Code.

Get Smart with Money, and a person will have more of it.

How long are Taxpayers going to continue to throw away their own money by needlessly over-paying their Income Tax bill?
And how long has a Taxpayer been needlessly over-paying their Income Taxes? How long has this waste been going on?

Get Proactive and Get Involved in reducing Income Taxes. It's less work than making the money in the first place.
Learn about legitimate Income Tax deductions right in the IRS Code, and how one may be able to legally pay less to the IRS.

Paying less to the IRS is “ Free Cash Flow ” right to an Individual's or Business' Bottom Line.

Fraser’s Workshop can sharpen Business Money Management Skills. Learn how Income Tax Reduction may increase a Company's Cash Flow and ROI.

“ Income Tax Reduction Made Easy ” for Business Owners may :
• Maximize Corporate Cash
• Increase Net Income
• Increase Cash Flow
• Increase ROI
• All possible … when a Taxpayer gets proactive and knowledgeable about their Income Tax bill.

Fraser Allport is a Fiduciary with 40 Years of Experience.
Serving All of Florida. Fraser Allport has been in Business for 5 Decades. Experience Matters.

Fraser Allport is an Independent Fiduciary and Certified Estate Planner ™ with 40 years of Experience.

Fraser is licensed by Florida’s DBPR to teach CE to CPAs. Fraser works with your CPA as a Team.
Fraser will work with a person's CPA to help that person maximize all available Income Tax Deductions and Credits available to them.

Call Fraser at 386.882.6256 for a no obligation Complimentary Consultation, Onsite Workshop at an Office, Business, HOA, Senior Center, School, Non-Profit Organization, Club, etc.

Fraser's CV, Workshops, Educational articles, and videos are at:

Fraser gives his Clients Facts, Choices, and the Law.

Fraser Allport: 40 Years of Relationships, Reliability, Resources, and Results

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“All Knowledge comes from Experience.” - Albert Einstein

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