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VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, September 16, 2022 / -- VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, Sept 16, 2022, Minimore Kids Clothes Store announced that carrying more plush toys for kids. Consumers can buy those plush toys via Minimore Kids' official site.

Plush toys (plush toys) are toys made of plush fabrics, pp cotton, and other textile materials as the main fabrics and filled with various fillers . They can also be called soft toys and stuffed toys. (stuffed toy), At present, we habitually call the plush toy industry plush toys.

Plush toys have the characteristics of realistic and lovely shape, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, easy to clean, strong decoration, high safety, and suitable for a wide range of people. Therefore, plush toys are good choices for children's toys, house decoration,s and as gifts.

Classification: Kids Clothes Store Vancouver

Plush toys are classified into the following four categories according to the characteristics of the product:

1. According to the production characteristics of plush toys, the products basically have fillers, so it can be generally said that plush toys and plush toys are referred to as stuffed toys.

2. According to whether it is filled, it can be divided into stuffed toys and non-stuffed toys;

3. Stuffed toys are divided into plush stuffed toys, velvet stuffed toys, and plush stuffed toys according to their appearance;

4. According to the appearance of the toy, it can be divided into stuffed animal toys , equipped with high-intelligence electronics, movement, audio animal toys or dolls, and various holiday gift toys.

Material: Kids Clothes Store Online Vancouver

Velboa: There are many styles. It is very clear from the color card of Fuguang Company. It is very popular to make bean bags. Most of the TY beanies popular in the United States and Europe are made of this material.

Bears also fall into this category. Quality characteristics: The wool surface is soft, and the quality of the hair falling down is generally poor, but the printed shearling cloth will fall a little, and a slight slope is acceptable.

Plush Cloth: Buy Kids Clothes Store Vancouver

A yarn (also called ordinary yarn, BOA material), is divided into Shiny yarn: Generally, it is shiny, and the yin and yang sides can be divided into different hair directions under the light. Matte yarn: that is, matte color, basically no yin and yang sides.
V yarn (also known as special yarn, T-590, Vonnel) has an Even Cut and Uneven cut. The hair length is in the range of 4-20mm, which is a mid-grade material.
Hipple (Shanghai style, plush): the hair length is within the range of 20-120mm, and any hair length can be made within the range of 20-45mm, and only 65mm and 120 (110) mm above 45mm. Not easy to curl.
(1) Eyes: It is divided into plastic eyes, crystal eyes, cartoon eyes, movable eyes, etc.

(2) Nose: It is divided into the plastic nose, flocking nose, wrapped nose, matte nose, etc.

(3) Ribbon: If the color is specified, the quantity is small, or the style is specified, please pay attention to the quantity of the order.

(4) Plastic bags: (PP bags are commonly used in American products and are cheaper. European products must use PE bags; the transparency of PE bags is not as good as that of PP bags, but PP bags are easier to wrinkle and break), PVC can only be used as a packaging material (DEHP content must be limited within 3%/square.) Heat shrinkable film is mostly used for color box packaging as a layer of protective film.

(5) Carton: (two types) Double corrugated A=B, A=C, B=B, B=C, C=C, three corrugated, A and B are also available (such as backpack series), unless specified by the customer, usually export outer boxes use A= B, B=B or B=C can be considered for the export box with small size. Before ordering a carton; you should choose a genuine supplier first, and you must first confirm the various types of paper provided by the carton factory. Note that each company may be different. You should choose genuine products. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the quality of each batch of goods to prevent suppliers from using Substandard products pretending to be genuine products, and other factors such as weather humidity, rainy season climate, and other factors may also have adverse effects on paper quality. Single flute B33, C33, etc. are usually used as inner boxes or revolving cartons for domestic delivery. The quality of the outer paper and inner flute determines the rigidity of the carton.

(6) Cotton: 7D, 6D, 15D, and A, B, and C grades, we usually use 7D/A grades, and 6D is less used. Low-grade products or products with very full and hard fortresses should be 15D/B or C grades. 7D is very smooth and elastic, and 15D is rough and hard. According to the fiber length, it is divided into 64MM and 32MM cotton. The former is used for manual punching and the latter is used for machine punching. The general practice is to loosen the cotton by entering the raw cotton. It is necessary to ensure that the cotton loosening worker operates correctly and has enough time of loosening the cotton so that the cotton can be completely loosened to achieve good elasticity. If the loose cotton effect is not good, it will cause a great waste of cotton consumption.

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(7) Rubber particles: (PP, PE), the diameter should be greater than or equal to 3MM, and the particles are smooth and uniform. Products exported to Europe usually use PE to be more environmentally friendly. Except for the special requirements of customers, PP or PE can be used for export to the United States, and PP is cheaper. Unless otherwise specified by the customer, all rubber pellets for export products must be wrapped in inner bags.

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