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One More Dream – a Coming Of Age High-School Drama – is Now Available on Streaming Platforms

One More Dream

One More Dream - Streaming Now on Amazon/Freevee

One More Dream "Jeremy"

David Rand plays Jeremy in One More Dream

One More Dream - Jeremy and Jules

David Rand (Jeremy), Emma Duchesneau (Jules) in One More Dream

One More Dream - A coming of age story set in modern america.

One More Dream - Streaming Now On Amazon/Freevee

Omar Gooding in One More Dream

Omar Gooding stars in the coming of age film "One More Dream"

One More Dream, a movie written and directed by Ricky Burchell, is set to be released across streaming platforms – Amazon and Freevee.

UNITED STATES, September 13, 2022 / -- One More Dream, a movie produced by Ricky Burchell Studios, and is set to be released across streaming video platforms – Amazon and Freevee. Written and directed by Ricky Burchell, One More Dream explores the trials, tribulations and eventual triumph of african american teenager named Jeremy as he journeys through high school. As we know high school is as much a time for fear and self-doubt as it is for dreams and through the film we get a rare glimpse into the mind of Jeremy as he tries to understand how the heartbreaks of adolescence interrupt the lives of his friends and how real the fight is in overcoming the doubts and fears in his own life.

In the movie, Jeremy’s life is pretty good until a bully embarrasses him in front of the whole school and the love of his life breaks up with him. Devastated, he turns to Jules, his best friend. Jules is a tender heart with a tough exterior, but instead of comfort, Jules has some harsh truths for Jeremy about dealing with his fear. Later, when Jeremy stumbles across his archnemesis in crisis and he reluctantly rescues him. Jeremy begins to see how the pain of the past impacts how people respond in the present, and although he cannot change the past, having friends who support you and encourage you can give you the strength to overcome the fears and doubts and create a new dream for yourself!

Nicholas Jerry Jonas, an American singer, songwriter, and actor, seems to understand Jeremy’s ordeal when he says;
“High school is about finding who you are, because that’s more important than trying to be someone else.”

The movie stars David Rand (Jeremy), Emma Duchesneau (Jules), Omar Gooding (George), Richard Holland (Tim), Sarah Jirgal (Tiffany), Sam Brooks (Ethan) and Indian actor politician and entrepreneur Napoleon Duraisamy.

Ricky Burchell Studios along with production partners Jeevan Films, Kyyba Films and Kendall Gray Productions produced One More Dream with the hopes of making a film that speaks and tells the story of this generation. Ricky Burchell Studios is a first-rate production team based in the Middle Tennessee area and are in pre-production for 2 upcoming film projects.

Ricky Burchell Studios handles every form/type of Videos production including, commercials, live streams, documentaries, TV shows, music videos, etc.
"All in all, we expect great things to come from One More Dream" say writer and director Ricky Burchell. You can rent or purchase the movie on Amazon or watch free on the ad based platform Freevee through this link.
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One More Dream Movie Trailer