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Free BMD (Bone Mass Density Test) Camp on September 8th and 11th, 2022 - World Physiotherapy Day Special

 Free Bone Mass Density Test Camp by CORE CONCEPT Advanced Spine & Joint Rehab Centre, Pune

Free Bone Mass Density Test Camp by CORE CONCEPT Advanced Spine & Joint Rehab Centre, Pune

Core Concept Advanced Spine & Joint Rehab Centre & Slimming Centre conducting a free BMD (Bone Mass Density Test) camp.

From September 8 through September 24, 2022, a special 20% discount will be applied to all examinations and treatments.”
— Dr Umesh Falak, CORE CONCEPT Advanced Spine & Joint Rehab Centre

PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, September 8, 2022 / -- In 1951, members of 11 countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, America, England, Sweden etc. set up the World Physiotherapy Association in Copenhagen, Denmark. World Physiotherapy Day is celebrated on 8th September every year. Different programs are conducted on this day by deciding on a concept. In 2008, this organization celebrated this day by defining the movement concept. This year's theme is “Promoting the Role of Physiotherapists in the Prevention of Osteoarthritis and the Management of People Affected by Osteoarthritis.”

The purpose of this association is to spread physiotherapy, promote advanced research in this field, support the growth of education practice, exchange knowledge with each other through members from different countries, increase cooperation with national and international organizations.

Physiotherapist is becoming an important part of our lifestyle.
The method of finding the root cause of the disease and treating it is followed in physiotherapy. So, the patient can live a healthy life with permanent cure. Physiotherapy can do the trick of giving a dependent a chance to live independently. This important branch of medical science is rich in traditional knowledge. It has been enriched by advanced research. Physiotherapist is a crucial factor. Keeping this in mind, go to them at the right time and take advice and keep your life healthy! Physiotherapists play a key role in the prevention of Osteoarthritis (OA) and in the management of patients with Osteoarthritis.

Dr. Umesh D. Falak Spine & Joint Specialist Physiotherapist and Ketaki Falak Dietician proved Non-Surgical Advanced Spine & Joint Rehab Center & Wellness Center named “Core Concept” on 11th September 2010 at Deccan, Pune. Core Concept Clinic is a 2016 to 2021 Time Health Survey.

Dr. for his contribution in the field of physiotherapy. Umesh D. Falak has been conferred the ICONS of Health 2018 award by Girish Bapat.

Physiotherapy includes rehabilitation, injury prevention, treatment, and overall wellness. Physiotherapists scientifically help patients to resolve underlying physical problems caused by illness or injury. Physiotherapists diagnose and recommend the best treatment to improve the patient's physical well-being and return them to normal, using natural methods of treatment such as exercise and manual therapies.

Role of Physiotherapist
1) Giving exercise / treatment method according to patient's disease
2) Trying to solve the problems of the patient's illness
3) Enhance efficiency in rehabilitation of patients by adopting treatment methods
4) Impressing the importance of a healthy life.

What is OA (osteoarthritis)?
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most generic form of arthritis. It is a disease that affects all the tissues of the joint including cartilage, bones, ligaments, and muscles. A type of arthritis that occurs when the elastic tissue (cartilage) on the ends of bones wears down.
The loss of protective tissue (cartilage) over the ends of bones is gradual and worsens over time
It can develop in any joint, but most commonly occurs in the knees, hands, and hips joints.

Causes of Osteoarthritis (OA).
1) Being overweight or obese
2) Previous joint injury, joint surgery and/or joint overuse
3) Genetics (e.g., family history of OA)
4) Age (as you get older)
5) Being a woman

How can physiotherapy help OA?
1) Exercise is the first-line treatment for OA. In addition to helping, you choose the best exercises, physiotherapists offer advice and education on pain, relief, and ways to manage OA.
2) They teach you how to improve your joint mobility and your gait as well as how to strengthen your muscles.
3) Physiotherapists help in pre and post operative rehabilitation
4) Movement can be difficult when you have arthritis, but staying as active as possible can improve pain, reduce other OA symptoms, and help you stay independent. Physiotherapists help make this easier.
5) Your physiotherapist prescribes mobilization and stretching exercises specifically for hip osteoarthritis

Exercise is the first and best treatment method according to research, for which it is necessary to exercise daily.
Exercise is right for all people with OA, regardless of age, symptom severity, or level of disability. Exercises can be prescribed and tailored to the needs of the individual, making the exercises achievable and safe.

How does exercise help?
Exercise daily as if exercise is medicine.
Reduces pain
Increases your ability to perform daily tasks
Increases your muscle strength
Reduces joint stiffness
• Helps improve your balance and potentially reduce your risk of falling.
• Increases physical energy and reduces fatigue.
Most importantly helps in healthy weight loss.
• Helps you sleep soundly.

BMD (Bone Mass Density Camp) screening, free guidance, and consultation On September 11 from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 to 8 pm organized on occasion World Physiotherapy Day and 12th Anniversary of Core Concept clinic.
Dr. Umesh has said that a special 20% discount will be given on examination and all treatments from September 8 to 24, 2022.

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