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Here's Why Caregivers and Nurses Will Want To Join AIDECAST Marketplace Fast

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AIDECAST releases a new marketplace dedicated to simplifying how Caregivers find home care jobs in their communities.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2022 / -- AIDECAST, the private pay non-medical home care agency and staffing solution for home care agencies in New York City, has released a new marketplace that connects home care agencies directly with Caregivers looking to work. This is exciting news for recruiters and hiring managers at home care agencies in need of hiring caregivers with particular skills and experience for their clients.

But home care agencies are not the only ones that are excited about this home care marketplace. Caregivers also have lots to be excited about as well. You see, the AIDECAST Marketplace has been in development since 2019. Founder & President of AIDECAST, Steve Ortiz, has over 15 years in the home care industry and has spent most of those years speaking with families and clients receiving home care services, as well as caregivers and staffing specialists at the home care agencies to gather suggestions they all had about how the home care industry could be improved. They all expressed similarities in their suggestions, finding a solution that could enhance the recruitment process of quality caregivers. So that's exactly what AIDECAST developed. A marketplace that allows caregivers to join and create professional caregiver profiles, detailing their specific level of experience and skills, their availability to work and preferred schedules and distance willing to travel. Home care agencies can post assignments they have available and recruit home health aides and nurses directly through the marketplace.

AIDECAST has created a marketplace dedicated to the home care industry that is sure to simply how caregivers find home care jobs in their communities. We all know how difficult the work caregivers do everyday is. Many of them commute long distances to their client's homes rain or shine. Many also often wait to receive a phone from their agency to offer an assignment. AIDECAST will allow all caregivers to proactively seek and secure home care opportunities as they become available. Caregivers will finally be able to connect with all home care agencies registered on the AIDECAST Marketplace regardless of where the agency is located. This is important because most caregivers tend to register with home care agencies with offices located in their communities. Many caregivers are hesitant to commute long distances to register with home care agencies they are unfamiliar with, especially if they are uncertain if an agency has assignments available in the community where the caregiver lives. That has always been the biggest challenge for home care agencies, especially for smaller or newer agencies that cannot afford to open offices in multiple locations to recruit aides.

The AIDECAST Marketplace is great for Home Care agencies, but also perfect for families looking to hire private caregivers for their loved ones. For a small fee, families looking to hire private pay caregivers directly can join the marketplace and post jobs detailing the requirements of the job to attract the right aide for their loved ones.

If you own or operate a home care agency or are a Caregiver looking for home care jobs and want to learn more about the AIDECAST Marketplace, visit today.

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