Michael Patrick Partners Creates Free, How-To Marketing Publications

Photo of brand identity and admission enrollment publication covers.

Five, 32-page abstracts are offered to mainstream and education marketing professionals.

Photo of the cover and a typical spread from the annual report publication.

The annual report process spans planning, scheduling, design, messaging and production.

Photo of the cover and a typical spread of the fundraising publication.

The education fundraising process spans planning, scheduling, marketing tactic design, messaging and production.

Four decades of insights offered to industry professionals.

There are myriad books available that focus on brand communications strategy — our series was created as companion pieces to those strategy books.”
— Duane Michael Maidens, co-founder
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Michael Patrick Partners announced today that it has created a series of how-to marketing publications for industry professionals. The collection includes five volumes offered free through the company’s website.

Best known for developing the E*TRADE identity, the San Francisco design studio released the information to commemorate its 40th anniversary.

The 32-page abstracts, originally generated for the studio’s clients, focus on process intricacies of annual report, brand identity and package design assignments for mainstream markets. An additional set of resources is also available to the education market that examine admission enrollment and fundraising campaign tactics.

Content is presented in a textbook approach that veteran to junior-level professionals will find helpful for planning, scheduling, writing, designing and producing intricate communications tasks more easily.

Penned by Duane Michael Maidens — Michael Patrick Partners’ co-founder — the series was created during the past two years as project management reference tools.

Organizations will discover insights to guide complex projects. The annual report publication includes tips to produce a superior digital or print-based financial story. The brand identity document provides counsel to design or refresh startup to established brands. And an additional process checklist was developed for package design activities.

Education marketing professionals will review admission enrollment communications strategies, plus recommendations to produce novel campaign touchpoints. And an additional compendium was written to expand dialogs with prospective donor audiences to grow endowments.

Maidens stated: “COVID presented unforeseen problems for our clients. Marketing departments are stretched thin — people are taking on responsibilities in areas where they have limited experience. The goal was to share our expertise to assist organizations implement complex assignments with confidence. There are myriad books available that focus on brand communications strategy — our series was created as companion pieces to those strategy books. We outline keys to efficient project management and the steps required to produce supporting materials. As the saying goes, experience is the ultimate teacher.”

While the publications do not disclose the studio’s proprietary information, the series does, however, provide invaluable checklists to conceive relevant market positions. Recommendations are presented from an outsider’s perspective — underlying epiphanies that marketing leadership, at times, may be too close to recognize.

The how-to series is offered free as downloadable PDFs through michaelpatrickpartners.com/think.

Through the years Michael Patrick Partners has received 500+ awards from the nation’s most sought-after creative organizations and possesses a body of work that spans banking to beer, education to energy, hard seltzer to healthcare and technology to transportation — startups to the Fortune 1000 and the Fortune 500.

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