Free Strategic Leadership Bootcamp Aims To Close The Gender Pay Gap For Women Of Color

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CEO of Bridgewell LLC Professional Services wants to help professional women of color close the gender pay gap with free 5-day strategic leadership training.

As women of color, we need to get strategic about our career growth and earning power. It’s simply not enough to do a good job and hope for the best.”
— Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, CEO, Bridgewell Professional Services
LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, September 7, 2022 / -- As we move past Labor Day in the US and into the final third of 2022, we're reminded that women of color make up only 13% of c-suite roles, and in other leadership roles, the higher the level the fewer women of color. This “whitening trend”, as referred to by Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, the CEO of California-based Bridgewell LLC, limits not only growth opportunities but salaries, yielding $0.63 for every $1 a white male makes in a comparable role. “The pay gap along with fewer opportunities as we rise are hindering the ability of women of all backgrounds to climb the corporate ladder at a pace commensurate with their ability and experience. This is unacceptable.” says Bribiesca-Hedin.

Despite the realities of discrimination and bias in the work-place, women can grow in their careers and achieve better, higher-paying roles when they apply strategic leadership principles to their careers. This is where Asia Bribiesca-Hedin is committed to making an impact by offering the free 5-day Strategic Leadership Bootcamp that participants from across the globe can join from the comfort of their homes and offices.

When asked why this bootcamp is so important, Bribiesca-Hedin responded that "As women of color, we need to get strategic about our career growth and earning power. It’s simply not enough to do a good job and hope for the best.”

Bribiesca-Hedin who earned her MBA and MPA degrees at the University of Southern California started her advisory career as a management consultant with the global consulting firm Ernst & Young. Over the past 20 years, she has helped companies of all sizes to stay competitive and respond to industry transitions. With her expertise in strategy execution and leadership, she knows exactly what shifts leaders need to make to get the promotion and boost their pay.

The 5-day bootcamp is filled with real-world decision-making scenarios and insights to navigate tough situations confidently. This fast-paced program will help women across the globe hone their skills and start working to quickly and strategically grow their careers.

The bootcamp consists of a live, virtual 30-minute session each day jam-packed with immediate strategies including tactics for recovering from set-backs with renewed vigor, where and how to invest effort & time for faster promotions, exactly how to get accomplishments noticed by the right people, how to speak powerfully & use words that have the most influence, how to respond to criticism, and more.

For 5 days, participants receive key strategies which are lessons from Asia’s learning and experience helping senior executives deliver on strategic priorities. This bootcamp will be overflowing with value for those who register early enough to secure one of the limited spots.

To join the waitlist, which includes a guaranteed spot once the December 2022 dates are announced, visit the 5-day Strategic Leadership Bootcamp site at

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For nearly 20 years, the founder of Bridgewell, Asia Bribiesca-Hedin, has been helping companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions in order to stay competitive. Asia started her career as a management consultant, and before launching her own consulting company, she spent 9 years leading transformation with a top comprehensive cancer center. Her expertise is in aligning leaders and teams to deliver on their highest priorities.

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