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Tarra: Mission on Earth

Inna Van Der Velden

TARRA: MISSION TO EARTH by Inna Van Der Velden

This book is not just an adventure for children. It’s our dream about the Earth and what it can be if we treat it the way the interstellar team treats their planet, Tarra.”
— Amazon reviewer Emin Aliyev
UNITED STATES, September 27, 2022 / -- A new recently released children’s book, TARRA: MISSION TO EARTH by Inna Van Der Velden, encourages young readers to sense life around them at a deeper level and open up to their extraordinary abilities.

“The biggest lesson in the book is the lesson of purposeful adventure, self-love, and awareness,” says Van Der Velden. “When we start treating nature and Earth as a live being, we start noticing that what we feel, think, say, and do impacts not just the environment, but also our lives.”

Van Der Velden says the book is about drawing attention and awareness to key issues that are affecting our planet, citing topics like pollution and negativity, and how to tackle them. “Without seeing and recognizing the issues, our children and ourselves can’t create a happy world to live in.”

She also notes that while the story is for children, it is equally targeted for adults, allowing them to see and grow an inner child in them so they see the world from a perspective of awareness and love, and will create their lives accordingly.

“At its heart,” says Van Der Velden, “this book is for inner children. All of them. You do not have to be a parent, future parent, or read it for the purpose of working with children. This story is the awakening of your inner child.”

In the book, Anthony and his friends, Lissy, Audrey, Andy and the Saashes, are interstellar travelers on a mission. They have been tasked with saving the life of their home planet, Tarra. A plague, known as the fear dust, has captured Tarra’s children in its bony grip, cutting off their joy and creativity.

It is up to Anthony and his crewmates to find a cure on Earth and urgently fly it back home. It was believed that because of the close relation of Tarra and Earth, planet Earth will help the children create the antidote. Easier said than done! Earth is a tricky place to navigate if you’re newly landed in the Milky Way Galaxy.

TARRA: MISSION ON EARTH is filled with adventures and experimental activities. It opens the door to the magic of Tarra on Earth. It has hope for Earth to become a better place for all of us to live on.

As part of the book, the author offers a FAMILY COMPANION, which allows readers to perform 34 tasks to help the characters complete their mission. The COMPANION is for both children and their parents/supervising adults. Each task has two parts: one for a child to complete and one as a guide for an adult to explore, contemplate, and help the child complete the task.

The part for children opens deeper awareness of the self, their dormant extraordinary abilities,
the Earth, and the elements of nature. It explores the hidden potentials of the mind and takes a
few steps into the unknown and magical. Children will accompany their favorite characters all
the way from the beginning of their adventure to the glorious completion of the mission.

The part for adults explains the tasks and the ideas, concepts, and science which stand behind
them. It also suggests more topics for exploration and in-depth discussions with your child along with resources in the back for further reading.

“Children learn best not when they are told how to do a certain task, but when they are encouraged to observe the world around them and recognize its response to their actions,” says Van Der Velden. “I encourage young readers to touch, smell, feel, see, and sense their environment – this is linked to the current rise in forest school education, Montessori learning and nature therapies, but goes effortlessly deeper, helping retain this wondrous energy as children become adults.”

Says Amazon reviewer Susan Gilliam, “Tarra teaches us that we are all different with various gifts and talents. Through these differences and supports, the five children were able to achieve their mission working as a team.”

“This book is not just an adventure for children. It’s our dream about the Earth and what it can be if we treat it the way the interstellar team treats their planet, Tarra. I recommend it for both children and adults to open ourselves up to brighter future,” says Amazon reviewer Emin Aliyev.

TARRA: MISSION TO EARTH is available on Amazon and other popular retail outlets where books are sold.

Inna Van Der Velden is a teacher, an acupuncturist, a specialist in Chinese medicine, a healer, a
speaker and a writer. She is also a CHILD! She plays pranks on her family, sings songs, and swims with dolphins and stingrays at her holiday home in Florida.

Like the Tarrians’ journey through Earth, Inna has also experienced life in six countries - this is
what makes Inna observant and loving of all that the Earth’s many places have to offer. The
nature of her work as a healer allowed her to connect to people from 46 different countries and hear their stories. Inna, together with the Five Elements of Nature, has helped people heal their hearts, worn-out bodies, and crumpled emotions. To learn more about the author, visit

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