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BlocqX Launches The X NFT Collection with Former Activision/Blizzard Lead Game Designer Lieutenant Dan

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MetaFort Pass image for The X NFT

The X NFT MetaFort Pass

The X Legendary Commanders

The X Legendary Commanders

The future of NFT collections and Blockchain Gaming will be transformed forever.

We had to keep this project under tight wraps and in the lab until we were ready to launch the first phase - The X NFT Collection.”
— Sean Marra, Executive Producer of The X NFT and CEO of blocqX
SAINT PETERSBURG, FL, USA, August 29, 2022 / -- BlocqX announced today that they have been in development since Jan 2022 to produce and launch a new NFT collection and future gaming experience with a dedicated and fully interoperable metaverse.

The project is built by top game & VR designers, blockchain developers, and various leaders from the Data, AdTech, & Marketing industries.

Phase one starts with a private pre-sale to exclusive Big Daddy Unlimited members. We believe the X NFT collection is a major leap forward and evolution of the Blue Chip NFT so we took a completely different path in how we launched this collection”, said Marra.

Built on the Unreal 5 Engine, The X is an immersive NFT VR experience where the owner of the digital assets will actually become their NFT and evolve with it over time through game play and character engagement.

The X NFT collection is combining history, digital collectibles, gameplay, and virtual events and is the brainchild of former Activision Blizzard lead game designer Dan Diallo aka: Lt. Dan.

“I’ve dreamed of being a game designer since I could move my thumbs. The X NFT is the realization of that dream. I couldn't be more honored and humbled to finally have like-minded collectors with shared 2A values and a passion for history and gaming.”

The X NFT Genesis Collection offers 10 Legendary Commanders such as George Washington, Leonidas, Joan of Arc, and Sitting Bull. All Legendary Commanders were hand selected by the developers and chosen for their skills and success in both web2 and web3 business. Every Legendary Commander purchased their respective NFT for a min of $25,000.

In addition to commanders, there will be 6,500 Generative Legionnaires that will have a range of rare and ultra-rare traits of one of the nine legendary commanders. Delivering a truly matchless Triple A studio quality art that mashes up past, present, and future weapons, gear, and storytelling.

Specific traits can make the Legionnaire NFT collectible more valuable and will also deliver exclusive VR/AR experiences, valuable NFT airdrops, and more utility throughout The X MetaFort.

Owners of The X NFT will be able to access and participate in an ever unfolding MetaFort web3 ecosystem loaded with a state-of-the-art VR Weapons Configurator, Gun Range, Lifestyle, Events, Training, and Education with industry and thought leaders.

In addition, every NFT allows participation to play a Quest to find "The One" Legendary Commander Digitable Collectible which unlocks a War Chest stuffed with a bounty of over $150,000 in Cash, Crypto, and Loot!

The X NFT has a rapidly growing partner and suppliers list with best-in-class weapons manufacturers like FK BRNO and SYNDICUS.

The X NFT Big Daddy Unlimited Pre-sale Mint starts 8/27/2022 at 6:30 pm EDT with 1,500 Legionnaires offered to the exclusive Big Daddy White List who signed up for the pre-mint at a savings of $200 and includes a complimentary pre-mint bundle ($500 value) loaded with extras for being first to mint, first to fight!

“We at Big Daddy are so excited to be part of this historic moment and we really strived to give our 2A family more value and something special just for them,'' said Tony McKnight, CEO, and Founder of Big Daddy Unlimited.

All mints are on a first come first serve basis. The mint details can be viewed at A future public mint is to be released soon.

About: BlocqX is an innovation lab for decentralized ventures with a collective of experienced innovators and investors in web3 and blockchain technology. Projects include web3, blockchain infrastructure, Metaverse, Mining, DeFi, and NFT's.

About: Lieutenant Dan is the former Activision/Blizzard Lead Game Designer (Call of Duty, Guitar Hero). Dan specializes in realistic simulators and combat systems designs. He works heavily in human machine interfacing and realistic AI development in order to create virtual experiences that feel life-like and that have the ability to train the user in real-world situations as well as entertain.

About: ModeMetaVR is a leading VR/AR development and technology company that builds
State-of-the-art configurators for leading automotive, weapons, and entertainment companies.

About: Big Daddy Unlimited is the premier online retailer outdoor sports store for offering access to a complete inventory of over 300,000 items at industry-leading prices.

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