Dr. Michael Freeland Hosts 2nd Annual Mental Real-Of-State Conference

The Speakers of the Mental Real-of-State 2022 Conference Hosted by Dr. Michael Freeland

Dr. Michael Freeland at his 2nd Annual conference in Kansas, City - USA

Dr. Cori Briggs - Speaking at the Mental Real-Of-State Conference 2022 in Kansas City

Kevin Wilson - Speaker at the Mental Real-Of-State Conference 2022 in Kansas City

Dr. Kathy Barton Brown - Speaker at the Mental Real-Of-State Conference 2022 in Kansas City

2nd Annual Mental Real-Of-State Conference Shines Light on a Host of Personal and Professional Issues Delivering Strategies for Greater Success

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”
— Leonard Cohen
TOPEKA, KANSAS, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dr. Michael Freeland of Lawrence, Kansas, hosted his second annual Mental Real-of-State conference in Kansas City, MO, on 20th August 2022. The event that took place at Hilton Kansas City Airport saw him host many guests in attendance and as speakers.

The speakers passionately charged the audience to live their lives by identifying their minds' positive and negative contributors. Dr. Freeland delivered a message of hope and cautioned the audience not to "Allow their complaints to become their companions." He honored deserving recipients with awards in the categories of "Community," "National," "Global," and "Lifetime Achievement."
The season's conference theme was again centered around his Mental Real-of-State initiative. The initiative seeks to add value and understanding to the lives of others around the world, thereby creating better communities, families and individuals.

Mental Real-of-State conference also focused on designing and helping participants understand different aspects of their mindset, from relationships to finances to business. It also provided powerful and time-tested strategies for helping participants grow and overcome challenges in these areas.

Dr. Freeland has also hosted several international speakers and trainers at this year's conference. The lineup included Dr. Kathy Barton Brown, Kelvin Wilson, Dr. Cori Briggs, Mr. Wendell Graham, Dr. Lotus Riche, Dr. Johannes Christian, Dr. Adria Jones Luster, Mr. Cicone Prince, Ms. Angela Elting and Dr. Regina Platt.

During the evening festivities, Dr. Freeland, also known as DJ Mike J, celebrated with a room full of guests as he marked 31 years in the DJ business. DJ MIKE J Entertainment LLC has stood the test of time. In return, his company has recently received the iChange Nations™ Vernet A Joseph Productive Business Award for its strategic success in entrepreneurship.

Dr. Freeland has spoken on various platforms about his experiences with Milroy's disease. He talks about the challenges of living with the disease and the mindset (Mental Real-of-State) it took to endure the various surgeries and treatments.

Mr. Freeland uses his lessons, having lived with Milroy's disease his whole life, to provide move-ahead strategies for others during his conferences, workshops, and seminars. Since late 2021, he has traveled to Nairobi, Kisii, and Nyamira, Kenya, to present the Mental Real-of-State Community award to ambassadors who are changing lives through leadership, ethics, and the creation of facilities to better their communities. He was scheduled for another conference in Mozambique, which was interrupted due to the prior Covid pandemic.

Freeland received his Honorary Doctorate from United Graduate College and Seminary International for his global initiative. He is a World Civility Ambassador and has received various awards for his diligent work in the United States and globally.

Michael has been recognized for his efforts by many platforms and individuals and is also a recipient of the World Civility Person of the Year Award (2021).

His Royal Highness, Sir Clyde Rivers, graciously presented this award for his continued efforts to bring awareness through Mental Real-Of-State throughout the United States and various countries around the World.

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