Claris Healthcare integrates Veyetals, Sensorless Vital Signs Technology for Monitoring Patients at Home

Veyetals Contactless Vitals Scanning

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MarkiTech, the developer of Veyetals contactless vital signs monitoring technology, has partnered with remote care technology provider Claris Healthcare

TORONTO , ONTARIO, CANADA, August 24, 2022 / -- The recent expansion of telehealth has allowed many patients to access care from anywhere, but many healthcare providers continue to struggle to effectively monitor the vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation) of patients at home. To ensure the health of patients can be managed remotely, Claris Healthcare has partnered with MarkiTech to integrate the Veyetals contactless vital signs monitoring technology directly into their Claris Continuum remote patient morning platform to provide effortless health and wellness data without the need for traditional vital signs monitoring equipment such as expensive blood pressure cuffs, heart rate monitors, and pulse oximeters.

By providing patients access to the Claris Continuum app with integrated Veyetals, even older higher-risk patients can capture their vital signs by simply using the camera on their smartphone or a Claris provided tablet, resulting in higher compliance and patient satisfaction. The Claris platform then automatically guides patients to better outcomes through configurable education and activities based on their vitals results.

“With Veyetals AI-based sensorless technology now integrated, we are excited to offer our customers new opportunities to deliver more efficient care into the home by eliminating the burden of additional devices and sensors,” said Claris Healthcare Chief Revenue Officer Jake Levy.

Veyetals is an app developed by MarkiTech which allows patients to measure their vital signs, using the front-facing camera on their devices to perform a facial or finger scan within 10-30 seconds.

The following biometrics can be detected with 90-95% accuracy using finger and face scanning on your tablet, mobile or laptop:
- Heart Rate (HR)
- Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
- Oxygen Saturation (O2)
- Mental Stress Level
- Blood Pressure

Created in collaboration with one of the leading R&D universities in North America - Queens University, Veyetals was tested on thousands of patients of different backgrounds, ages, and demographics. Several publications have since been submitted and the company is proceeding on clinical trials and seeking Health Canada and FDA approvals.

“By integrating our advanced Veyetals technology into the broader enterprise Claris Care Management Platform our customers can now manage thousands of patients across the entire continuum of care including configurable care pathways, alerts, documentation, reporting and billing”, said Nauman Jaffar, founder of MarkiTech who has also founded YourDoctors.Online, Veyetals, SenSights.AI and several other digital health startups within age tech.

Claris Healthcare is a leader in enterprise remote care management platforms designed to connect older patients with caregivers across the continuum of care. The main purpose of the platform is to make healthcare accessible for everybody with a specific focus on patients with chronic conditions. It also addresses the challenges like social isolation, family care, remote patient monitoring, rehabilitation care, and aging-in-place.

From now on, the patients using the platform can get rid of the bulky devices for vitals scanning and switch to the innovative AI-powered wellness diagnostics with Veyetals app.

Technology behind Veyetals

Veyetals uses advanced computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to safely scan blood vessels in a patient's face or finger through the use of light at various wavelengths to effectively measure one’s vitals. Several other AI models are being developed using this enhancement.

How does it work?

Veyetals is a FREE app available in the Apple iOS store or the Google Play Store for Android but can be integrated with any iOS / Android or web app using SDK or API technology (paid version). After downloading and registering in the app, patients can start their vitals scanning using either 30 seconds facial scanning or less than 10 seconds using finger scanning. For facial scanning patients need to point the camera at the centre of their face, putting their face into the frame and stay motionless during the scan. The finger scanning starts after placing your finger on the back of the camera. The free version of the app has some limitations like limited readings provided and no save option available which are provided for the paid version using SDK or API.

Veyetals helps telehealth, wellness, insurance and workforce to collect health data with the simple use of a camera or fingerprint, saving time and money for aforementioned entities.

“Veyetals is a future of vitals monitoring. It brings down the laborious time spent per patient from 5-7 minutes by a nurse to only 10-30 seconds which results in a total of 8000 hours saved by a hospital per month based on a 25 bed study in UK recently in 2022 in a month” - Abigail Aboitiz, Managing Partner and co-founder of Veyetals and 14 other health focused companies.

Among other products developed by MarkiTech, you can find SenSightsCare, ​​Complete Out-of-box Telehealth and TeleMedicine Platform with integration with over 15+ smart devices and several leading EMRs/EHRs like PointClickCare, Cerner and many more in the pipeline.

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