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With AXIBO a Filmmaker Can Become a One-Man-Army by Automating Tedious Production Steps

Early adopters of AXIBO include Netflix and Apple.

AXIBO is a personal camera assistant. It’s the latest cutting-edge filmmaking gear and is already impacting the production industry.

A variety of markets can use AXIBO’s leading-edge tool, for shooting an interview, a product, or tracking an individual. Any camera can be mounted to get smooth shots.”
— Anoop Gadhrri, CEO of AXIBO
TORONTO , ONTARIO , CANADA , August 24, 2022 / -- Lights. Camera. AXIBO.

The fundamental component of AXIBO is to automate moving a camera and to do it with a robotic system. This encompasses panning, tilting, and using a camera slider. Its stealth drive technology allows for noise-free motion.

AXIBO can be operated from various sources, such as voice commands, phones, tablets, PCs, and other devices. Backed by an integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing unit, AXIBO learns, adapts, and listens.

AXIBO was founded by Anoop Gadhrri, Reiner Schmidt, and Sohaib Al-Emara in 2019, during their undergraduate studies within the Engineering Faculty at McMaster University.

Early adopters of AXIBO include Netflix and Apple. There are many benefits of AXIBO’s automation, CEO Anoop Gadhrri explained.

AXIBO is a robotic system that automates various operations with a camera. Users can utilize multiple layers and steps to decide the level of automation they prefer.

“One company we work with is creating a fully automated pipeline, where they have a stage surrounded by 100 cameras. When an actor comes onto the stage, AXIBO’s specialized hardware for AI software can detect, track, and recognize the actor, as well as identify items around the actor. Without AXIBO, having 100 camera operators following an actor’s movements would not be feasible,” said Gadhrri.

AXIBO is capable of tracking faces and objects, and it ignores people that do not need to be tracked. Even robotic camera systems without intelligence are far too expensive and difficult to use for most content creators. AXIBO provides pro features while being easy to use and affordable. It's easy to see why AXIBO is becoming a leading choice not just for studio production companies such as Netflix and Apple, but for YouTube, and other home video content creators as well.

Designed with stability, accuracy, and noise reduction in mind, AXIBO automates the tedious parts of video production.

“As the subject moves, AXIBO follows them. No one has to worry about setting up angles; the camera and the technology do all the work. AXIBO is an AI assistant for directors and producers, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their work,” said Gadhrri.

The company’s integrated six-core computer makes filmmakers a one-man army from automated shooting angles to precise object tracking.

“AXIBO has three axes of motion, and it can keep things in perspective. A variety of markets can use AXIBO’s leading-edge tool, for shooting an interview, a product, or tracking an individual. Any camera can be mounted to get smooth shots," said Gadhrri.

What differentiates AXIBO is its robotic system automating moving cameras and its low latency tracking pipelines to capture precise objects. The innovative startup has also started developing new methods for virtual production.

AXIBO is a client at The Forge – a business incubator funded by McMaster University, serving novel and scalable start-ups in Hamilton, Greater Toronto, and Niagara Regions.

“The team at The Forge were instrumental in helping us launch, and they helped the brand enter a big market – the movie industry,” added Gadhrri.

If you want to automate and make that next big film, then check out AXIBO today and learn more about their innovative technology –

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