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John Bednar Portrays Rise of "The People's President"

Author John C. Bednarb

Author John C. Bednar

The People’S President

The People’S President

John C. Bednar

John C. Bednar

Novel follows pol-sci professor's perilous grassroots campaign for presidency

A story that is real while balancing it with optimism to show readers the hopeful possibilities that exist for the nation”
— John C. Bednar
PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY , UNITED STATES, August 26, 2022 / -- In author John Bednar's political thriller novel, a professor who is both idealistic and practical casts his lot in the United States presidential race. Princeton University political science professor Dr. George Franklin has become fed up with the current political situation and launches his campaign, aiming to be "The People's President." Due to his sincerity as well as fortunate circumstances, he becomes a credible contender, but this puts him under the crosshairs of factions with vested interest in continuing the status quo.

During a turbulent election year, George rocks the boat mid-April by calling the Associated Press and announcing his candidacy for the office of the presidency. He adds that he will not spend his own money or accept contributions. This generates a lot of buzz and he is joined by a respected campaign manager while supporters rally around him. Through the clever use of the press and social media, George gains traction and inspires the American public to become more active in participating in politics. His campaign also chips away at the influence of money in politics, but this radical approach threatens certain sectors of the political landscape. It becomes a race against time to see if George and the citizens of the nation can bring change to the political process or if the rich and powerful figures within the establishment can quash this grassroots movement.

Drawing from his personal frustrations as well as his knowhow as the Professor Emeritus at Clemson University and a graduate of Princeton University, Bednar gives his story realism while balancing it with optimism to show readers the hopeful possibilities that exist for the nation. At the same time his informed narrative critiques the state of American politics and makes the case for constructive change to reform the system.

About the Author

John C. Bednar is a '65 graduate of Princeton University. There he majored in English but fell in love with French. One year at the Sorbonne and three years at the University of Besancon gave him a university doctorate specializing in Medieval French literature. He taught at Princeton for two years and at Berkeley for three years. After that, he was in the business world for many years. He ran for Congress, vying for Lindsey Graham's old seat in the U.S. House of Representatives while having a budget of zero. Just like the protagonist of his novel.

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