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The Steinberg Law Group – Mesothelioma/Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawyers – Mesothelioma Options Help Center of South Carolina

The Steinberg Law Group has decades of proven experience and the resources to help veterans obtain the financial compensation they deserve. All of it.

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The Steinberg Law Group – Mesothelioma & Asbestos Lung Cancer Lawyers – Jointly Responsible for Over $500,000,000 in Verdicts & Settlements Since 2001

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, August 23, 2022 / -- Our Mesothelioma Options Help Center of South Carolina is dedicated to providing top quality legal and medical assistance to those stricken with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer. Anyone wishing to discuss their legal and/or medical options should call (888) 891-2200 to speak directly with an attorney from the Steinberg Law Group.

The Steinberg Law Group has decades of experience in handling mesothelioma and other asbestos-related cases. With offices in New York, California and Texas, the Steinberg Law Group has a national footprint that helps win the best possible financial compensation for clients.

Typically, asbestos exposure will have occurred sometime between the 1950s and the 1980s. Some of the most prevalent professions that encountered large quantities of asbestos include power plant workers, maritime workers, industrial workers, plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, mechanics, machinists, miners, railroad workers and construction workers, to name a few. Since the latency period for mesothelioma patients is approximately 40 years, most people diagnosed with mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer in 2022 were exposed decades ago.

Known jobsites, companies and locations with asbestos exposure in South Carolina include, but are not limited to, Union Carbide, Aerocox Corp, Chapin Company, A.P. Green Industries, Nylon Industries, Inc., A.P. Green Refractory Company, Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation, Armstrong Contracting & Supply, Armstrong Cork Company, Appleton Company, Building Mats Company, A Lynn Thomas Company Inc., America & Brigade, American Agri Chemical Company, Chemstrand Corporation, American Tobacco Company, Avco Lycoming, Bird and Son Inc., Carolina Drywall and Insulation Inc., Braswell Services Group, Carolina Power & Light, Carolina Shipping Company, South Carolina Electric & Gas Company, Continental Can Company, Imperial Manufacturing Company, Clearwater Manufacturing Company, Gaffney Manufacturing Company, Glen Lowry Manufacturing Company, Beaumont Manufacturing Company, Marion Manufacturing Company, United Merchant Manufacturers, South Carolina Manufacturing Company, Pacolet Manufacturing Company, Pacolet Yarns, Darlington Manufacturing Company, Darlington Veneer Company, Inc., Hamilton Veneer Company, Maxwell-Campbell, Inc., Nucor Corporation, Nucor Steel, Perfection Gear Company, Perfection American Company, Wellman, Inc., Alice Manufacturing Company, Cone Mills Corporation, Mccormick Mills Corporation, Blue Bird Ice Cream Company, Bristol Metal Products, Inc., T.E. Wannamaker, Inc., Cox Manufacturing Company, Pine Creek Manufacturing Company, American Lava Corp., BMA Inc., American Lumber and Treating Company, Mauldin Lumber Company, Enterprise Lumber Company, US Plywood Corp., Wanamaker Chemical Company, Quantum Chemical, National Distillers & Chemical, Orangeburg Ice and Fuel Company, Sonoco Product Company, Southern Novelty Company, F W Poe Manufacturing Company, Poe Hardware and Supply Company, Fibre Industries, Inc., Fluor Daniel Corporation, Singer Manufacturing Company, Michelin Tire Corp., Dow Chemical Company, Dow Badische, Eastman Kodak Company, Eastman Chemical Company, Stafford Insulation Company, Bonitz Insulation Company, Derrick Insulation Company, Civil Insulation Company, Covil Insulating Company, Covil Sales, Inc., Industrial Burners, Inc., Standard Oil, Thomas A. Lynn Company, Inc., Macreeves Company, United Dye Works, Alexandra Dyeing and Finishing, Inc., United States Constructing Quartermaster, United States Electric Illuminating Company, University of South Carolina, Clemson College, Clemson University, Columbia College, Erskine College, Bob Jones University, Lander College, South Carolina State College, Citadel Military College, Winthrop College, Winthrop University, Wofford College, Spartanburg High School, Central Roofing & Supply Company, Clark Heating Company, Walker Plumbing and Heating Company, Timmons Plumbing & Heating, Sligh Plumbing & Heating, Sanitary Plumbing & Heating, The Florence Steam Laundry Company, Union Dry Cleaning Company and Steam Laundry, Stone Container Corporation, Columbia Pipe Company, Smurfit-Stone Container Enterprises, Inc., Carolina Fiber Company, Columbia Plastering Company, Waccaman Clay Products Company, Columbia Railroad, Gas & Electric, Columbia St. Railway Light and Power Company, Columbia Supply Company, Tidewater Supply Company, Charleston Consolidated Railway, Gas & Electric, Charleston Drydock, Charleston Hydraulic Cotton Press Company, Port Royal Cotton Compressing Company, Bellemonte Cotton Manufacturing Company, Campbell Soup Company, Exide Battery Company, Charleston Memorial Hospital, Charleston Refinery, Charleston Shipbuilding & Drydock Company, Charleston St. Railway Company, Charleston Supply Company, Chevron, Daniel Construction Company, Inc., Mccrory Sumwalt Construction Company, Camden Forest Products, Inc., Duke Siding, Monsanto Corp, Monsanto Chemical Company, Dupont Chemical, Dupont, E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp., Esso Standard Oil Company, Exxon, Industrial Fire Bricks, Spring Industries, J. R. Deans Company, Inc., J P Stevens and Company, Inc., Lane and Mcdonald, Jim Rast D/W Company, Roberts Foundry Company, Parke Davis and Company, Bigelow-Sanford, Inc., Celotex, Bowaters Carolina Corporation, American Enka Corporation, Basf Corp., Central Mills Company, Marines and River Phosphate Mining and Manufacturing Company, Graniteville Manufacturing Company, Niles Manufacturing Company, National Linen Service Corporation, North Brothers, Inc., Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Palmer Manufacturing Company, Fort Park, Port Park, Roper Hospital, Sears, Roebuck and Company, Peoples Ice and Fuel Company, McDonald, Wilkins and Company, Sheetmetal Workers Union – Local 399, Boilermakers Union – Local 687. Raybestos-Manhattan, United Office Inc., Victor Monaghan Company, Weyerhauser Company, Richland Shale Product Company, Patterson Vermiculite Company, Zonolite Company, W R Grace, Celanese Corp. of America, Celanese Plastics, Celriver Fibers Company, Rock Hill Lumber Company, Rock Hill Printing & Finishing Company, Sherwin Williams Company, W A Blackstone Company, Toledo Engineering Company, Applied Engineering Company, Inc., Garrett Engineering Company, Hercules, Inc., Hoechst Fibers Inc., Kohler Company, Montgomery Ward Company, Whitney Manufacturing Company, Champion Building Products, Ethyl Corporation, Wickes Corporation, Carolina Vermiculite, Palmetto Vermiculite Company, Palmetto Compress Company, Enoree Minerals, West Virgina Pulp & Paper Company, Westinghouse Turbines, Westvaco Corporation, William Bird & Company, Inc., Milliken & Company, Wood Brothers Thresher Company, Wood Preserving Company, Lyman Printing and Finishing Company, Sumter Lighting Company, Sumter Ice and Fuel Company, Delta Finishing Company, Delta Mills, Inc., Greenwood Mills, Inc., International Paper Company, Southern Kraft Paper Company, Southern Kraft Corp., Reigel Paper, Bowater Paper, Bauwaters Papermill, Carotell Paper Board Corporation, Industrial Firebrick Company, Guignard Brick Works, Ricetex Brick, Broad River Brick Company, Columbia Brick Company, U. S. Rubber Company, Plywood Plastics Corporation, Plywood Products Corp., Reading Power, Piedmont Print Works, Southern Bleachery & Print Works, Duke Power Company, Duke Energy Corp., Georgia Power Company, Catawba New Plant, Skyland Power Plant, Catawba Nuclear Plant, Oconee Nuclear Plant, Utica Mohawk Plant, Keowee Hydro Plant, Wateree Steam Plant, Winyah Electric Generating Plant, Urquhart Powerhouse, Dolphus M. Grainger Power Station, Bob Cook Powerhouse, General Electric Power Company, Riley Stoker Corporation, Charleston Naval Shipyard, Detyen’s Shipyards, Todd Shipyard, Charleston Air Force Base, Donaldson Air Force Base, Shaw Air Force Base, Parris Island Marine Base, the Naval Weapons Station at Goose Creek, Fort Jackson Complex and the Savannah River Site.

For the best possible medical treatment for mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 so a member of The Steinberg Law Group can determine which hospital/doctor in our network is most convenient for you.

States with the highest incidence of mesothelioma include Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut, Florida, Texas and California. For more information about mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer, call (888) 891-2200 or visit now.

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