Antonio Romero Releases New Collection "Painting Pictures"

AUSTIN, TX, USA, August 23, 2022 / -- When it comes to producing the soundtrack to your life, there is arguably no finer artist than Antonio Romero. Composer, multi- instrumentalist, and sound designer whose work has appeared on HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and commercials for Blue Chip Companies American Express, Coca-Cola, General Motors, and Citibank, his new album "Painting Pictures" is a breath-taking ride through the mind of a sound alchemist at the top of his game.

13 instrumental tracks that swim invitingly between South-American folk, Afro-Latin rhythms with flourishes of avant-garde experimental film scoring, the listener will become lost in the majesty of his work.

"Painting Pictures" is simply exceptional; From the opening bars of "By The Falls" which embrace the listener in the lush eeriness of a world understated, the experience transports you to a world of idyllic pleasures. The entire album is written, arranged, produced, recorded and mixed by Antonio and showcases his absolute mastery of sonic exploration and storytelling through music.

Incorporating Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass, South American fretted string instruments including the Charango, Ronroco, and Venezuelan Cuatro, Cello, Prepared Piano, Tape Loops, Hurdy Gurdy, Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, Synthesizers, Ethnic Percussion, and Drums, his consummate skills are front and center in every single delectable moment. Showcasing to the industry just why his compositions are the perfect accompaniment for film, TV and podcasts, there is no doubt that this collection of emotional instrumentals will resonate with directors, producers and music supervisors across the entertainment business.

"Painting Pictures" firmly reinforces his reputation as a cutting-edge artist and as you venture through the album, listeners can imagine the environments, places and all-consuming atmosphere they will create for any production they are a part of. Graceful, intelligent, moving and undoubtedly intoxicating, "Painting Pictures" does exactly that. Creating spaces in the mind where only beauty exists.

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Additional Musicians
Vera Romero - Trumpet and Mellophone
Marcus Romero - Oboe

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Antonio Romero
Antonio Romero