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Major loophole in Copyright Claims Board puts artists at risk

Online Copyright Registration Protects US Creators

Not all artists know the importance of Copyright Registration

Next gen services register Copyright with a simple file upload

The Copyright Claims Board (CCB) is for artists whose work has been stolen but can’t afford a lawyer. Many don't know they need a Copyright Registration.

WALNUT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2022 / -- The recently announced Copyright Claims Board (CCB) is meant to be a solution for artists whose work has been stolen but that can’t afford a lawyer to fight for them in court. Sponsored by the United States Copyright Office (USCO), the CCB allows copyright holders to pursue damages up to $30,000 with a streamlined procedure and without needing legal representation. This is great in theory, but many independent creators including screenwriters, musicians, illustrators and photographers don't realize the one key requirement for using the new CCB; a valid USCO Copyright Registration.

In the USA, artists have “copyright” over their work at the moment of creation. Most creatives know this and assume they can make use of the CCB using this “natural” copyright alone. Unfortunately this is not the case. In order to pursue a copyright infringement claim at the CCB the Copyright Claimant must have a valid US Copyright Registration that has been filed before the date of the infringement. Without a Copyright Registration, the CCB won’t even take a look at the claim no matter how outrageous the infringement might be.

The obvious solution is for all artists to Register Copyright immediately, but this isn't always practical. Many artists find the existing Copyright Registration overly complex and intimidating, limiting their access to the full protection of US Copyright Registration. There are some legacy services that do exist to help artists file a Copyright Registration. However, most of these services are old fashioned “service bureaus” that basically replicate the complex forms provided by the Copyright Office. These old style services aren’t always helpful for the digital native generation that expect instant results. Even worse, these legacy services often cost hundreds of dollars per Copyright Registration.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and to meet the need, a new generation of Copyright Registration services is being launched to help American artists secure their rights. A leader in this new space is, an easy to use “one click” Copyright Registration portal. . Launched just last month, it is already being recognized as a game changer for creators who want to register their Copyright quickly, easily and at a reasonable price. “All an artist needs to do is upload their file, follow a few instructions and submit”, said Jake Small, CMO, speaking at a gathering of Copyright technologists in San Francisco earlier this week. “It's really about getting professional tools in the hands of all American artists”, Jake continued, ”Things like the CCB are supposed to protect the little guys, but it's worthless without a valid Copyright Registration. exists to level the playing field, and make Copyright Registration available to everyone.”

Time will tell if new web based services like can live up to the hype and really make Copyright Registration available to anyone. One thing is for sure, however, the innovative American spirit lives on in the desire to protect the amazing artistic output of American creators.

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