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Tesla, Twilio, McKinsey & Co. Employees Create Lightbeam To Safeguard Crypto Wealth

Tesla, Twilio, McKinsey & Co. Employees Create Lightbeam To Safeguard Crypto Wealth

Tesla, Twilio, McKinsey & Co. Employees Create Lightbeam To Safeguard Crypto Wealth

UNITED STATES, August 19, 2022 / -- As the cryptocurrency markets have matured, a significant number of investors have seen their wealth grow exponentially in recent years are looking to adopt more sophisticated wealth management, tax planning, and asset protection strategies to strengthen their financial and legal postures.

A team consisting of former employees from Mckinsey & Co., Plaid, Tesla, and Twilio has created Lightbeam Financial to give users access to the most advanced crypto wealth management platform, allowing them to create their own Trust funds, implement tax-loss harvesting strategies, and much more with a few simple clicks.

Wealth management covers estate planning, accounting, retirement planning, and more. These pieces of wealth management haven’t attracted much attention from Web3 builders. With this, Lightbeam aims to provide wealth management strategies and comprehensive services that cover every aspect of a client’s digital assets in terms of the wealth they have now and how to preserve, grow and transfer it to future generations.

With Lightbeam, customers can also access a growing network of industry experts and leading educational content covering financial planning, crypto taxation, estate planning, and more. Backed by investors, experts, and legal advisors from the wealth management & estate planning industries, Lightbeam is positioned to democratize access to these financial services to a much broader audience.

Lightbeam has a comprehensive list of features and services that allows you to safeguard your digital assets against creditors, frivolous lawsuits, predatory tax authorities, wealth taxes, divorcing spouses, & more. Furthermore, you can transfer digital assets to your trust fund smart contract with built-in multi-sig & treasury mgmt. capabilities.

When crypto moons and you decide to make money off the table, save big on state income taxes by using an ING trust. You can also protect your hard-earned assets from creditors with one of the most successful forms of protection — now on-chain, thanks to the power of Web3 and take advantage of tax-loss harvesting, income upstreaming, gifting strategies, and more to lower your tax liabilities legally.

Michael Iglesias, Co Founder of Lightbeam stated, “A solution didn't exist, so we created it. There are currently no platforms which provide comprehensive protection and management services for crypto assets, leaving many investors vulnerable to market volatility and security breaches. Lightbeam is poised to be at the forefront of crypto wealth management and asset protection, being the first of its kind tailored for crypto assets.”

Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner of Blockchain Founders Fund expressed his support for Lightbeam, “The future of crypto wealth management is here. Lightbeam addresses the urgent need for better tools to protect your digital assets, making it easier than ever to plan a financial future with cryptocurrency.”

You can get access to Lightbeam’s Wealth Management tools at

Legal Disclaimer Inc. (“Lightbeam” or “Lightbeam Financial”)  is not a law firm, and does not obviate the need for you to seek a licensed attorney. If you have a legal or tax question, consult a licensed attorney. Lightbeam is not a bank, does not provide investment advice, and does not custody assets on behalf of our clients. This release should not be viewed as an offer or inducement to make any financial or legal decisions.

About Lightbeam

Lightbeam is a legal-tech platform that provides sophisticated wealth management & tax planning strategies for web 3 users, traders, NFT holders, and high net worth individuals.

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