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AI Exosphere's Satellite Writer Startup Pushes Update 2.73a And Announces The End Of Its Private Beta

Satellite Writer Update 2.73a

Satellite Writer Update 2.73a

AI Exosphere NVIDIA Inception

AI Exosphere NVIDIA Inception

Satellite Writer Beta Launch Badge

Satellite Writer Beta Launch Badge

Satellite Writer releases new update boasting over 80 AI skill use-cases. Beta is ending and the company plans to deploy 20 new skills by early September.

It's funny because when reading the response, I realize all these helpful AI operations are what our focus is at AI Exosphere.”
— said Sal Peer, Founder of Satellite Writer
ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2022 / -- The recent update to the Satellite Writer system has a nice clean and simple design. In addition, the playground now boasts 80 unique skills with plans to expand to over 100 skill use-cases by early September 2022.

New skills in update 2.73a:
LinkedIn posts
Instagram posts
Daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes
PEE frameworks paragraph
Photo caption
Live sales rebuttals
Real estate listing description
Interview Questions
and much more...

We asked HailyAI which is the artificial intelligence model powering Satellite Writer to answer this simple question...

"Is AI Making Online Business Easier? "

Here is Satellite Writer's answer: (AI response begins...)

The answer is yes.

It has made online business easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Artificial Intelligence's use in marketing, sales, and customer service have made it easy for them to reach out to their customers and prospects. Using AI has also helped them to improve their conversion rate and increase their ROI.

What are some of the ways AI can make business online easier?

Let's take a look at these:

1) Customer Service
With the help of AI, companies can now create chatbots to handle all customer inquiries. These chatbots can understand the customer's language and provide relevant information about the product or service. They can also answer common questions such as "How much does this cost?" and "Do you have any special offers?"

2) Marketing & Sales
Marketing and sales are two processes that require human intervention. However, with the help of AI, marketers can automate many tasks such as creating landing pages, writing blog posts, designing email templates, etc. As a result, AI helps them save time and focus on other essential aspects of an effective marketing campaign.

3) Analytics
Analytics is one of the most critical activities performed by online businesses. With the help of AI, they can easily track and measure various metrics like bounce rates, page views, etc. In addition, AI operations help them to identify the areas where they need to improve their website content and design.

4) Personalized Content
Content creation and personalization are two of the most critical steps in the digital marketing strategy. With the help of AI, marketers can create personalized emails, landing pages, blogs, etc., which will resonate well with the target audience.

5) Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. However, it requires constant efforts from marketers to keep up with the latest trends and changes in technology. With the help of AI, marketers can quickly build customized emails and send them to their subscribers.

6) Social Media Management
Social media management is another crucial aspect of digital marketing. Marketers need to stay updated with the latest developments on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. With the help of AI, they can manage multiple accounts simultaneously without having to spend hours every day doing so.

7) Website Design
Website design is another task that requires a lot of attention and creativity. However, with the help of AI, marketers can easily create responsive websites which will work across different devices.

8) SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the essential strategies for digital marketing. With the help of AI, marketers can optimize their websites and get better rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. In addition, AI Content makes it easier for their potential customers to find them.

(AI response ends)

"It's funny because when reading the response, I realize all these helpful AI operations are what our focus is at AI Exosphere," said Sal Peer, Founder of Satellite Writer

All of the above tasks are part of AI Exospheres' larger HailyAI model, which currently powers Satellite Writer.

About Satellite Writer
Satellite Writer is a SaaS platform created by AI Exosphere. The cloud-based AI service allows anyone to create copy for any niche and use AI tools with simple voice or text commands. In addition, the platform includes a powerful editor and multi-language options and is powered by the leading-edge HailyAI model.

About AI Exosphere
AI Exosphere is a company of dedicated professionals with a vision to free the entrepreneur, resolve enterprise-level problems, and empower the everyday Joe through an artificial intelligence assistant named HailyAI. The company is part of the NVIDIA Inception, Microsoft For Startups, and AWS Portfolio accelerators.

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